How Warriors’ post-season loss to Clippers in 2014 shaped them

first_imgKlay Thompson subscribes. You can too for just 11 cents a day for 11 months + receive a free Warriors Championship book. Sign me up!OAKLAND – This time, the Warriors’ coach does not need to feel worried about their job security. This time, the Clippers do not need to worry about their owner making racist comments recorded on an audio tape.That served as the backdrop when the Warriors and Los Angeles Clippers last met in the playoffs five years ago. While the Warriors sought to make a …last_img

After Effects Video Tutorial: Transition from One Comp to Another

first_img10Create a new composition called middle. 1Create a new composition, new black solid, and new text titled “Start,Start,Start”. 16Move forward 10 frames and close the eyeball. Move 10 frames forward and open the eye again. 24You can stylize using keyframes on the pupil position, strokes, fills, among other things. 5Set opacity to 0 at the beginning and end of the animation then set the opacity to 100 percent. 8Duplicate the dark magenta layer, place it above the text and give it an alpha track mask. 13Create a diamond shape over the “Start” pre-comp using the pen tool. Make sure you turn off the fill. 7Easy Ease all the keyframes. Use the graph editor to make a curved line. 4Move to the beginning of the composition and move the mask to begin on the far left. In this Premiumbeat exclusive tutorial we show you a technique for seamlessly transitioning from one comp to another in After Effects.Using a vector-based ‘eyeball’ transition I’ll demonstrate a technique for transitioning from one comp to another in AE. The tutorial covers a few simple After Effects fundamentals including:Creating an eyeball simulationShape editorsUsing exclude effectsWorking with alpha mattesWhile this tutorial is rather specific the techniques involved in making an animated eye transition can be used in a wide variety of motion graphic situations.More of a reader than a watcher? Follow along with the step-by-step tutorial below. Click any image for larger view.  22Set keyframes to scale the pupil down over time. 21Parent the shape layers to the null. 20Duplicate the ellipses and create an eyeball like the picture. 11Make a new null object that scales down from 100 to 50 over the course of a few frames.center_img 14Use the convert vertex tool to round off the top and bottom vertices. 9Create an exact duplicate of the composition and change the text to “End End End”. 2Create a new dark magenta shape layer. Make a mask over the first “start”. Duplicate the mask twice and drag down to cover all the words. 12Parent the start composition to the null object. 18Parent the shape layer to the null object. 6Offset the keyframes. 17Add a rectangle to the shape layer, add an exclude intersection effect. 23Duplicate the eyeball and include only the inner pupil. Set the “start” layer to alpha matte so it only appears in the pupil. 3Set a keyframe on all the mask paths. Move the playhead forward 10 frames and position the mask path off of the letters. 19Create a new black solid and add it to the back. Create a new white ellipses shape layer and make the shape equal on the x and y scaling. 15Set a keyframe for the shapes path. Know of any other uses for this technique? Share in the comments below.last_img read more

Climate change suddenly a crisis on Parliament Hill as support for Green

first_imgNation to NationThe federal Conservatives may keep hammering the Liberals over its carbon tax but haven’t offered a solution of their own.“It’s been about 400 days since Andrew Scheer said he was going to come up with a climate plan and we’re a few months away from the election and we still have not heard anything,” said Liberal MP Dan Vandal on Nation to Nation.The Trudeau government’s carbon tax makes things such as filling up at the pumps several cents more expensive.The Conservatives jumped all over it as the country heads into an October election.And according to MP Cathy McLeod their plan is coming soon.“Certainly our leader has indicated very clearly that in the next few weeks he will be releasing our plan. Climate change is real. It’s a problem and it needs a global solution,” said McLeod.Meanwhile, NDP MP Rachel Blaney told Canadians that the Trudeau government hasn’t been a leader on climate change and that Canadians are getting impatient.“The reality on the ground is that this is a huge concern for people. Canadians want to see action. They want to see it now,” said Blaney.Both the NDP and Liberals supported an emergency debate on climate change this week.It’s something that Green party leader Elizabeth May asked for last fall but none of the other leaders showed up and it didn’t end up doing anything.May said it should be a coincidence other parties appear to be supporting the crisis now since the Green’s recent by-election victory in the British Columbia riding of Nanaimo-Ladysmith.“I welcome this entirely,” she said. “But I think that it’s not an accident that this is a response to the growing strength of the Green party across the country.”Last October, the United Nations Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change warned drastic cuts to emissions are needed in the next decade to prevent global warming from becoming catastrophic. That report suggested the Liberals’ target under the Paris climate-change agreement, which would mean cutting annual greenhouse-gas emissions by about 28 per cent compared to what they are now, is nowhere near enough.The Liberal motion, which was to be debated Thursday, asks MPs to recommit to the Paris climate-change accord by meeting the existing targets for cutting greenhouse-gas emissions and toughening them as is required to meet the accord’s stated objective of keeping global warming as close to 1.5 C as possible.NDP leader Jagmeet Singh intends to cut Canada’s greenhouse-gas emissions almost in half over the next decade as he stakes out a claim to being a climate-change champion in the looming federal election.Singh presented a motion in the House of Commons Monday, laying out eight broad strokes of the party’s climate-change platform. The motion asks for Prime Minister Justin Trudeau to declare “an environment and climate emergency” as well as pledge to cut emissions more deeply, eliminate government aid to the fossil-fuel industry and cancel the planned expansion of the Trans Mountain pipeline.“We want to reflect the urgency people are feeling,” Singh said in a recent interview with The Canadian Press.That urgency for him means a slow end to the Canadian oil sector, which Singh says is on its way out whether Canadians like the idea or not.“This is the direction the world is headed,” he said.– with files from The Canadian [email protected]last_img read more