Royal Navy seeking proposals for autonomous XLUUV

first_imgThe UK defense ministry is seeking proposals for the development of an autonomous version of an existing extra large unmanned undersea vehicle (XLUUV).The development would be part of a Defence and Security Accelerator (DASA) multi-year themed competition which will seek to develop a platform to understand the potential capabilities of an autonomous vehicle.The contract will have two stages, a research, design and re-fit stage and a testing and trialling stage. In the latter stage, it is expected that the system will be tested in representative environments for extended periods; the sea trials in stage two may be up to two years.The navy says it is looking for a flexible UUV capable of hosting different payloads/sensors which will be used in a range of testing scenarios. This range of tests will determine capability limits of a UUV, to assist in the development of future requirements and the design of future capabilities.A total of GBP 1 million are being set aside for the first phase of the project, and a further GBP 1.5 million for the second stage.“Developing and testing the potential capability to deliver these future operational requirements is not possible with current Royal Navy assets and requires research and development of a larger more payload-flexible autonomous test system in partnership with commercial suppliers,” a call for proposals read.“It is envisaged that this will be achieved, for this competition, by re-fitting an existing large asset with an autonomous control system to develop a test-ready autonomous underwater vehicle.”The Royal Navy expects the future XLUUVs to possess payload-agnostic spaces of over two cubic meters and two metric tons. Further requirements include the capability to operate independently for a minimum of 3 months, an operational range of 3,000 nautical miles, covert intelligence gathering capabilities, and an anti-submarine warfare (ASW) barrier capability.Proposals for the project are due on June 11, 2019. More info can be found here Share this article Photo: The US Navy recently selected Boeing’s Echo Voyager design for its Orca XLUUV program Photo: Boeing View post tag: DASAcenter_img View post tag: Royal Navy View post tag: XLUUVlast_img read more

Seventh Generation launches first national ad campaign to educate consumers

first_imgSeventh Generation has been galvanizing the green revolution for decades, and over the company’s 21 years has become one of the most trusted brands of authentic, safe and environmentally responsible products for the living home. Now they are launching a campaign of words to back up decades of action, with the company’s first national integrated advertising campaign. Themed “Protect Planet Home,” the television, print and online advertising focus on Seventh Generation’s role in helping consumers protect their world from hazardous chemicals. This comes to life in the spot through the revolution consumers have been leading to replace unhealthy and hazardous products from their homes, and the leadership role Seventh Generation has played in this revolution. The core messages of safety and effectiveness are communicated through voiceovers such as “where the five second rule is extended”, and “no one holds their breath while they’re cleaning.” In testing, consumers found the spot appealing and motivating, and helped them understand what makes Seventh Generation unique, including the company’s heritage, dedication and leadership.“At Seventh Generation we have always helped consumers protect planet home by formulating safe and effective products and by disclosing ingredients on our labels,” said Chuck Maniscalco, CEO, Seventh Generation. “Consumers named their revolution; in a recent survey conducted by Sterling brands and Infinia group in 2009 on behalf of Seventh Generation, 42% said they would like to see consumers be more responsible in their buying decisions, shaped by their personal goals of caring for the health and wellness of their family.”The natural cleaning products category has grown 56% in the last year (IRI date, 52 weeks ending 11/29/09), as larger, conventional cleaning products companies have entered the marketplace with their “green” lines, and put significant marketing muscle behind them. In focus groups conducted by Seventh Generation, this has resulted in consumers who are increasingly confused about how to truly protect their most valuable assets – their family.“While competition is good, and helps strengthen the category, it was time for Seventh Generation to assert our leadership, and differentiate ourselves as a green company compared to companies that sell green products,” said Maniscalo. “That is why we are launching our first national integrated advertising campaign that communicates not only the benefits of our products, but also our values of caring for family and improving sustainability.”The goal of the campaign is to not only introduce consumers to the Seventh Generation brand, but also to educate about how they can become involved in the green revolution relevant to their personal world – their home. On the Seventh Generation web site, consumers will find tips and advice for disposing of household hazardous waste (in old cleaning products) and even a downloadable Label Reading Guide application for iPhones and mobile devices that deciphers common chemicals found in household products. Consumers are also encouraged to join the “Seventh Generation Nation,” a free community that enables members to receive coupons and special offers, participate in forums and receive a monthly e-newsletter.The “Protecting Planet Home” television campaign kicks-off on January 11 and runs through April (Earth month), with spots running on cable networks such as Bravo, Food Network and USA, along with national network spots on NBC’s Today Show and Ellen. Print advertising will commence in March issues and run in parenting and home magazines, including Good Housekeeping and Parents.Interpublic Group’s Carmichael Lynch out of Minneapolis created the spots, with Carmichael’s Jim Nelson as chief creative officer, Jan Gleie, director and executive producer Lisa Phillips.“Seventh Generation is the original brand of environmentally conscious, non-toxic cleaning products. They help make the world a healthier place, but even more important, they help make homes healthier places to live,” says Jim Nelson, chief creative officer at Carmichael. “The Planet Home is a symbol we’ll use to help educate and remind people that the world they care the most about — the home where they raise their family — can be made healthier by eliminating toxic chemicals and instead choosing natural products like the ones Seventh Generation has been making for more than two decades.”About Seventh GenerationSeventh Generation is committed to being the most trusted brand of household and personal-care products for your living home. Our products are healthy and safe for the air, the surfaces, the fabrics, the pets, and the people within your home — and for the community and environment outside of it. Seventh Generation also offers products for baby that are safe for your children and the planet.For information on Seventh Generation cleaning, paper, baby and feminine personal care products, to find store locations, and explore the company’s website visit is external). To read more about Seventh Generation’s corporate responsibility, visit the Corporate Consciousness Report at: is external).About Carmichael LynchCarmichael Lynch has earned a worldwide reputation for building brands through inventive ideas in advertising, digital and public relations. The agency boasts a portfolio of clients that includes Harley-Davidson, Subaru of America, Jack Link’s Beef Jerky, Trane, Calphalon, Seventh Generation and other envied brands. Carmichael Lynch Inc. is owned by the Interpublic Group of Companies Inc. (NYSE: IPG), New York. For more information, visit is external).Source: BURLINGTON, VT- January 11, 2010 – Seventh Generation.last_img read more


first_imgDONEGAL’S World-beating Irish dancer Gerard Byrne has been given a hero’s welcome home in Donegal tonight – after returning home with his SECOND world title in three years.Family, friends and supporters packed into The Diamond to greet the dancer from McNeilis Cunningham Boyle School of Dance.“I’m over the moon at winning back my world title and I still can’t believe it,” said the Abbey Vocational School student. “I want to thank to my dance teachers Claire Mc Nelis, Isobel Cunningham, Déirdre O’ Reilly and Eilis. I couldn’t of done it without them,” he said.Friends from the local soccer club and Four Masters GAA club joined the crowds along with hundreds of others.Gerard’s fame after his victory in London has caught the imagination of the people of Britain.He was one of two world dancing champions to give an exhibition of the art form on the BBC2 show Newsnight. Presenter Jeremy Paxman introduced Gerard and Julia O’Rourke from New York at the end of his TV show last night when they performed a hard-shoe reel.The World Irish Dancing Championships are taking place in London this week for the first time in its 44-year history.And it’s one week young Gerard will never forget.Maith thú.You can watch Gerard on Newsnight here: HERO’S WELCOME HOME FOR WORLD IRISH DANCE CHAMP GERARD was last modified: April 18th, 2014 by John2Share this:Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on LinkedIn (Opens in new window)Click to share on Reddit (Opens in new window)Click to share on Pocket (Opens in new window)Click to share on Telegram (Opens in new window)Click to share on WhatsApp (Opens in new window)Click to share on Skype (Opens in new window)Click to print (Opens in new window)Tags:Gerard ByrneWorld Irish Dancing Championlast_img read more

Hydrothermal OOL Chemistry Is Unlikely

first_img(Visited 60 times, 1 visits today)FacebookTwitterPinterestSave分享0 A favorite way for theorists to get around the lack of enzymes at the origin of life is shown to be implausible.Cells generate complex compounds by means of enzymes. These molecular machines can overcome large thermodynamic barriers that would prevent the natural formation of organic compounds that are useful or essential for life. Origin-of-life (OOL) researchers in the metabolism-first camp have looked to hydrothermal vents to provide the energy needed to leap these barriers without the help of enzymes, which could not have been present.A new paper in Nature‘s open-access journal Scientific Reports pours cold water on the idea. Specifically, molecules involving thioesters cannot be expected to form in any sufficient quantities at hydrothermal vents or anywhere else. Two favored thioesters, TAA and MTA, can be essentially crossed off the list of probable ingredients because their dissolution (hydrolysis) predominates over their formation.These compounds’ apparent chemical simplicity has made their prebiotic availability assumed, however, although the kinetic behavior and thermochemical properties of TAA and analogous esters have been preliminarily explored in other contexts, the geochemical relevance of these compounds merits further evaluation. Therefore, the chemical behavior of the simplest thiolated acetic acid derivatives, TAA and methylthioacetate (MTA) were explored here. Using laboratory measurements, literature data, and thermochemical models, we examine the plausibility of the accumulation of these compounds in various geological settings. Due to the high free energy change of their hydrolysis and corresponding low equilibrium constants, it is unlikely that these species could have accumulated abiotically to any significant extant.PhysOrg summarizes the dashed hopes of seeing complex thioesters emerge in a “primordial soup” when chemical kinetics are taken into account. For “different reasons in different contexts,” TAA and MTA are “implausible prebiotic reagants” to act as substitutes for today’s complex enzymes and co-enzymes, such as acetyl co-enzyme A. Being highly subject to temperature and pH, they lack the reactivity and stability needed. Plus, they break down into acids (like acetic acid) and thiols.The researchers also add that the results suggest “estimates of the ubiquity of suitable environments for the origin of life in and beyond our solar system may be somewhat overestimated, if these compounds are indeed crucial for jumpstarting early metabolism.“There are other serious problems. One is concentration. There wouldn’t have been enough hydrogen atoms, for one thing, nor carbon, sulfur and iron. Even then, production of desired MTA and TAA is swamped by the reverse reaction, such that concentrations would be “extremely low” and unlikely to participate in OOL pathways. Acetic acid found at vents today is most likely biogenic, “which leaves questions over its existence in the primordial conditions present during the emergence of life.”Adding insult to injury, the authors point to the fact that “Acidic oceans do not seem to be preponderant on icy worlds in our solar system where measurement has been possible,” such as Mars and Enceladus. The right acidity (pH) is necessary to supply the hydrogen for high-energy molecules envisioned as precursors to biomolecules. Even then, in laboratory conditions, they are only secondary products and are unstable.Advocates of the hydrothermal vent hypothesis include Michael Russell (JPL), Huber and Wächtershäuser, Christian de Duve and others. The same day the new paper came out (7/21/16), it was listed in Wikipedia‘s article on the origin of life after thiols were mentioned as possible precursors: “There are increasing concerns, however, that prebiotic thiolated (i.e.Thioacetic acid) and Thioester compounds are thermodynamically and kinetically unfavourable to accumulate in presumed prebiotic conditions (i.e Hydrothermal vents).”By the same logic, the researchers’ conclusions can be extended to any high-energy molecules whose activation energy strongly exceeds the free energy of dissolution. Simply adding heat or changing the pH may be necessary, but insufficient, to overcome the thermodynamic barriers. The enzymes in living cells are amazing molecular machines that routinely overcome these barriers at ambient temperature, often accelerating production by orders of magnitude against strong concentration gradients. They can do this because of their precise shape, coded for by genes in DNA.The origin of life is the Achille’s heel of scientific materialism. It takes a Mind that knows organic chemistry to overcome the thermodynamic barriers to spontaneous formation of useful complex molecules.But since the Darwinian Achilles has multiple feet, realistic scientists need to shoot all the heels. One film that does that is “Evolution’s Achilles’ Heels” produced by CMI. Worth watching. Origin of life is one of eight heels they fatally injure.last_img read more

Microsoft Actually Makes Something Intuitive: Dynamics POS 2009

first_img3 Areas of Your Business that Need Tech Now IT + Project Management: A Love Affair Cognitive Automation is the Immediate Future of… Related Posts Tags:#enterprise#Products center_img steven walling Moan and groan all you like about SharePoint, Outlook and other Microsoft products. We’ll happily listen to your troubles and agree. But this time around we have to say it: Microsoft Dynamics POS is pretty slick. The 2009 version of the software was released today and is an easy-to-navigate resource for SMBs managing retail businesses.Microsoft Dynamics is a line of enterprise software that includes a CRM and various ERP solutions which can be either on-premise or hosted. Dynamics Point of Sale is specifically aimed at mid-market and specialty retailers, providing them with a tool for store management. Microsoft Dynamics POS is a bit like their CRM option, but instead of focusing solely on a sales-based perspective, it’s aimed at comprehensive inventory and supply chain management for retailers. The strength of POS 2009 is the role-based experience, which changes based on whether you’re a store manager, a cashier, or a sales rep, for example. What this means in practice is that Microsoft has made software centered on people, not just processes or departments. For all roles, there’s a clear, hierarchical folder structure that is intuitive to navigate. Beyond purely functional business needs, Microsoft’s GUI for the software is also doing some interesting things with touch screens; it’s one of the few business products that is at all optimized for touch-screen monitors. However, it’s still a secondary priority for the package, and the real jackpot would be software that plays nice with mobile, not desktop touch screens. Dynamics POS is a retail tool that should prevent the huge headache that so many Microsoft products for the enterprise can cause. It still carries the baggage of Microsoft systems requirements, but its user experience just works. Massive Non-Desk Workforce is an Opportunity fo…last_img read more

Get More Laughs With Royalty-Free Comedy Tracks

first_imgIf you’re aiming for the funny bone, give your gags a boost with this curated playlist of royalty-free comedy tracks from the PremiumBeat library.Maybe you’ve heard the saying “Dying is easy. Comedy is hard.” Perhaps you’ve heard the classic joke: What’s the secret to comedy? They both sort of speak to the same truth: funny ain’t easy.While the Sacred Art of the Ha-Ha is certainly a difficult one to perfect, one that takes years and years of perseverance, practice, and polish, you can do your next comedy project a favor by giving it a comedic soundtrack (see the curated playlist of royalty-free comedy tracks at the bottom of this post) that creates the kind of lighthearted atmosphere that makes your audience more prone to laughter.Work with What WorksUsing the right music in your comedy clips, skits, and sketches can help you create a shortcut to Comedy Gold if you’re willing to lean on the approach taken by some of the true masters of the craft, like Larry David, who introduced the world to one of television’s all-time great themes, comedy or otherwise.David first heard the song — “Frolic” by Italian composer Luciano Michelini — in a bank commercial, two years before he put it to use with Curb Your Enthusiasm. He bookmarked the tune in his brain after immediately recognizing its comedic value.There was something circus-y about it. I like to get away with things, comedically, and sometimes music can help in that regard. It tells the audience: don’t take this seriously—it’s just funny—so a lot of the music we use in the show is designed with that purpose in mind.At this point, “Frolic” is Larry David, and the song’s loping tuba blurts and plinky-plunky mandolins are synonymous with the observational traumedy-of-error moments that define the best parts of Curb Your Enthusiasm. If you’re hoping to cook up some of that hilarious Curb-type magic, a royalty-free track like “Tarantella” by Adieu Adieu might be just the secret ingredient you need.Sell the Silly With Show TunesAs we dug through PremiumBeat’s collection of royalty-free comedy tracks, a common thread emerged: a lot of great comedy music swings with a certain Broadway attitude, which makes sense if you squint hard enough.One could argue that the show tune DNA found in a lot of successful comedy music comes from the vaudeville traditions of the legendary comedy institutions—The Second City, the Groundlings, and Saturday Night Live—where so many of our favorite funny people got their start. Take 30 Rock, for example, the brainchild of SNL-by-way-of-Second City superstar Tina Fey.The theme song’s big band sound is bold enough to belong in the opening scene of a Broadway musical where the chorus comes stomping out of the side-of-the-stage shadows. It’s bigger than a genre. It’s bigger than the cast. It’s a tone setter that’s just big, perfect for a show that ripples with authentic NYC energy.That same energy and urgency pulses in songs like “Tiny Wildlings” by Firefly Music, and it’s easy to imagine this royalty-free comedy track behind a scene of Liz Lemon frantically searching the halls of NBC for Tracy Jordan in order to stop him from Tracy Jordaning all over everything.A 19-Song Royalty-Free Comedy Tracks Grab BagThe curated comedy playlist below is clown-car-packed with tunes that bring the zaniness, wackiness, and hardy-har-hars. All of them are yours in perpetuity with a simple $49 Standard License. Pick a couple that tickle your fancy, and let the laugh riot begin.Cover image via Ollyy.Header image via Fer Gregory.Playlist header image via nito.Looking for more royalty-free music playlists? Well, you’re in luck!Royalty-Free Soundtrack Suggestions for VloggersSound as Lighting: The Mood-Altering Magic of Atmospheric Royalty-Free MusicSlinky, Smooth, and Slow: A Sensual Royalty-Free Music PlaylistEmbrace the undeniable Power of Sad MusicChoice Cuts: Check Out July’s Best New Royalty Free Musiclast_img read more

IT hub to hold Yogathon to mark International Yoga Day

first_imgThiruvananthapuram, June 20 (PTI): IT hub Technopark here is all set to celebrate the International Yoga Day with a set of programmes, including a massive Yogathon tomorrow. Technopark, in association with Vivekananda Study Circle (VSC), is conducting the Yogathon at the Bhavani Building in its campus at Kazhakkoottam here. Vijay Goel, Minister of State (Independent Charge), Sports and Youth Affairs, would inaugurate the celebration, an official statement said. M (Mumtaz Ali Khan), Founder of Satsang Foundation, will deliver the keynote address. The Yogathon will be led by an instructor from Art of Living, Technopark Chapter. The Yogathon will be followed by a free Isha Upa Yoga session, organised by the Isha Yoga Foundation, at the Bhavani Atrium in the campus the same day in the evening. The theme for the 2017 celebration is Yoga for Health. The theme highlights the fact that yoga can contribute in a holistic way to achieving an equilibrium between mind and body. “Techies totalling around 75,000 working in the campus have a very stressful and hectic lifestyle and practicing Yoga regularly will help them to reduce the stress levels and practice a healthy lifestyle,” state IT Parks CEO Hrishikesh Nair said. “We at Technopark are continuously striving to help the techies working here strike a good work life balance and practicing Yoga is a step towards that,” he added. PTI LGK APR NTRlast_img read more

Pakistan bans IPL 2019 broadcast, says India ‘harming’ cricket in the country

first_imgPakistan on Tuesday banned the telecast of Indian Premier League (IPL) cricket matches in the country, alleging that India has made an “organised effort to harm” the game in Pakistan.Information Minister Fawad Chaudhry told a press conference that the decision was taken at a Cabinet meeting chaired by Prime Minister Imran Khan, a former captain of Pakistani cricket team.He said the move was taken by the Cabinet because India left no opportunity to harm Pakistan’s cricket.”India made an organised effort to harm cricket in Pakistan and it doesn’t make sense for us to allow an Indian domestic tournament to be promoted here,” he said, pointing out that the official Indian broadcaster pulled out of the fourth edition of the Pakistan Super League (PSL) in the middle of the tournament after the Pulwama attack “to harm the league and cricket” in Pakistan.In February, DSport — the official broadcasters of the PSL in India — stopped the coverage of the tournament in protest of the Pulwama attack that killed 40 CRPF personnel.Indian company IMG Reliance also pulled out of its deal to produce the television coverage of the PSL worldwide forcing the Pakistan-based T20 league to find a new production company midway into the tournament.Chaudhry said the Pakistan Electronic Media Regulatory Authority (Pemra) would ensure that no IPL match is aired in Pakistan.He said the Pakistan government believes that sports and culture should not be politicised, but India adopted an aggressive posture against Pakistani players and artists.advertisementAlso Read | IPL 2019: Virat Kohli joins MS Dhoni and Gautam Gambhir in elite captains’ listAlso See:last_img read more