Final Cut Pro X 64bit previewed due in June for 299

first_imgFinal Cut Pro users have waited almost two years for an update to Apple’s professional video editing suite, but yesterday at the FCP User Group Supermeet at the National Association of Broadcasters (NAB) conference in Las Vegas, FCP users breathed a sigh of relief with the announcement of Final Cut Pro X due out in June.Apple skipped a few numbers from 2009’s version 7 to 2011’s version 10, but that’s most likely due to Apple’s preference for “X” branding. The software will be offered as a standalone purchase in the Mac App Store for $299, which may seem like a lot but it’s nothing compared to the $999 Final Cut Studio suite.The 12-year-old platform will be seeing plenty of improvements. Most notably, and a first for FCP, is support for 64-bit operating systems. The 64-bit support will allow larger amounts of RAM to be processed more easily than the 32-bit architecture. The addition of the new version will allow for background rendering, which will make editing a lot quicker since it renders video out of sight, meaning you don’t have to sit there and wait for each render. iMovie also has this feature.Many of the additions to Final Cut Pro X are designed to speed up the editing process. For example, you can now make edits as footage is being imported. And, besides the user interface looking a bit more like Apple’s iMovie, FCP X is taking a few cues from its consumer-level counterpart and bringing over some iMovie features. Another time saver, iMovie’s “skimming” feature lets you preview the clip by running your mouse over it. The newly added iMovie feature that detects when people are in each shot is also featured in FCP X. The nice thing about it is it can detect what type of shot the clip is, like a close-up, or a wide angle, for example.Many editors can be overwhelmed with thousands of clips, but the new version of FCP lets you tag certain parts of the clip so that you can find the specific part you’re looking for in a large library.Another huge time-saver is a new feature called “auditioning,” which lets you test out different edits without having to redo your work every time. You can create different combinations of your audio and video tracks on the timeline, and then choose which one you like.We hope to get some hands-on time with the new FCP, but until then, what other Final Cut Pro X features would you like to see come June?More at Photography Baylast_img

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