The 2019 Lonsdale Street Greek Festival is bound to be bigger than

first_img Facebook Twitter: @NeosKosmos Instagram In just over a week, on the weekend of 23 and 24 February, Melbourne will once a gain give into ‘Greekness’ with its most popular festival coming to life for the 32nd time; an event that attracts all nationalities and ages.Lonsdale Street will be filled with delicious aromas from 20 stalls and two bars serving up iconic Hellenic flavours and three free stages offering entertainment that can satisfy every group and taste by popular chefs Helena and Vikki Moursellas and the team behind Taking You Home – Simple Greek Food, thanks to The Procal Greek Kitchen.Famous Greek singer and songwriter Eleonora Zouganeli’s is the festival’s big name for this year, while some of the best local bands like The haBBiBis, Cats and the Canary, Agapi & Friends, The Phillhellenes and more will also be performing on the weekend.On the competitions side, other than the Zorba ‘til you Drop rewarding the winner with a return flight to Greece there will be a Magic Mic comp for aspiring singers of all ages testing not only their vocal range but also their Greek language skills. Guests will have the pleasure to indulge in an endless Baklava and Pita tasting, all for the sake of finding Melbourne’s best.Check out the full festival program below to make sure you don’t miss out!Saturday 23 FebruaryDELPHI BANK STAGE  (corner of Lonsdale and Russell Street)12:30pm Welcome to the Lonsdale Street Festival followed by ZORBA ‘ TIL YOU DROP COMPETITION2:15pm A Musical Odyssey – presenting a mix of opera and well know Greek music3:05pm Alphington School Band4:00pm O Periklis Dance Group – Intermediates4:30pm Pan Macedonian Dance Group5:00pm Panagia Soumela Pontian Association of Whittlesea Dance Group5:30pm Cretan Brotherhood Dance Group – Seniors6:00pm Manasis School of Dance Modern Bracket6:30pm O Periklis – Dance Group – Seniors6:50pm Alphington School Choir7:00pm Official Opening8:00pm Akrites Tou Pontou presenting Eastern Anatolian Dream, commemorating the experiences of the Assyrian, Armenian and Pontic Greek people8:30pm Feature Act: Eleonora ZouganeliAA Holding Stage  (Lonsdale Street – corner of Swanston Street)12:30pm Welcome to the Lonsdale St Greek Festival12:35pm OPACIZE GREEK DANCE FITNESS1:15pm Zilhouette Belly Dance1:55pm K Studio Singing School presenting emerging singing talent2:45pm Santa Taranta3:45pm Cretan Brotherhood Dance Group Juniors4:15pm Manasis School of Dance – Performing: Oakleigh Senior (B) Class, Preston Senior Class, Doncaster Senior Class5:00pm SBS LIVE BROADCAST6:10pm Pan Macedonian Dance Group Juniors6:35pm Maria Diakonidis performing songs from her new EP plus covers7:35pm Gael’s Edge – Greek Rock Band8:25pm Rythmos party#lovelonsdale Stage  (Lonsdale Street – corner of Exhibition Street)12:30pm Welcome to the Lonsdale St Greek Festival12:35pm Musique d’Or1:15pm Harmony band2:15pm Manasis School of Dance – Performances by Doncaster & Preston Beginner Classes, Doncaster & Preston Junior Classes, Doncaster & Preston Intermediate Classes2:55pm Vaios Malliaras Tribute Performance3:45pm The Silk Road Collective4:35pm The Paschalia Latra Ensemble5:35pm To be confirmed6:25pm The Philhellenes7:25pm Cats and the Canary8:25pm Agapi & Friend9:35pm Beautiful People DJ Dimitris Zarogiannis & DJ Panos PantotisSunday 24 February DELPHI BANK STAGE11:35am Welcome to the Lonsdale St Greek Festival11:45am Cretan Brotherhood Pre Senior Dance Group12:15pm Kalymnian Dance Group – presenting the “Mihaniko” sponge diver’s dance12:45pm The Cyprus Folk Dance Group – Seniors1:15pm Lexi School of Modern Greek Dance1:45pm Cretan Brotherhood Dance Group Theatrical Performance2:15pm Kaliroy and her band3:05pm Manasis School of Dance – Evolution Bracket3:35pm Cypriot Community Dance Group4:05pm Pegasus Dance Academy Seniors4:35pm Greek Community of Melb & Greeks Orthodox Community of SA Dance Groups presenting Karagounika Dances of Thessaly5:00pm Lonsdale St Sing-A-Long: get ready to raise your voice and sing along to a Greek classic5:25pm Totally Kicking Brass – an exciting Greek brass-band fusion, popular in the Balkans, known as “Halkina”.6:25pm Greek Community of Melb & Greeks Orthodox Community of SA Dance Groups presenting Thracian Dances6:55pm Pontiaki Estia Dance Group – Seniors7:25pm Pancretan Association Dance Group – Seniors7:55pm Cretan Glendi with Ilias Horeftakis accompanied by Stelios Ilikakis and Adamantios Kosidekakis9:05pm Anagennisi BandAA Holding Stage11:45am Welcome to the Lonsdale St Greek Festival11:55am OPACIZE GREEK DANCE FITNESS12:35pm To be confirmed1:30pm Greek Community of Melbourne Greek School Dance Groups2:10pm MAGIC MIC Competition3:00pm O Periklis Dance Group Juniors3:30pm Cretan Brotherhood Dance Group Intermediates4:00pm Stavros & Despina5:00pm Lonsdale St Sing-A-Long: get ready to raise your voice and sing along to a Greek classic5:30pm Anthea and the Rubbies – Nostalgia6:40pm Cats and the Canary7:50pm Agapi & Friends9:00pm The haBBiBis#lovelonsdale Stage12:00pm Welcome to the Lonsdale12:10pm K Studio Singing School presenting emerging singing talent1:05pm Manasis School of Dance – Performance by: Oakleigh Beginner (B) Class, Oakleigh Beginner (A) Class, Oakleigh Junior (B) & (A) Classes, Oakleigh Intermediate Class2:00pm The Pontian Community of Melbourne and Victoria Dance Group – Juniors & Teens2:30pm Pegasus Dance Group – Juniors3:00pm The Hellenic Community of Geelong Dance Group3:30pm Pan Cretan Dance – Group Juniors & Inters3:55pm Next Gen Greek Voices5:00pm Lonsdale St Sing-A-Long: get ready to raise your voice and sing along to a Greek classic5:25pm Manasis School of Dance – Performance by: Oakleigh Senior (C) Class, Oakleigh Senior (A) Class6:00pm Manasis School of Dance – Traditional Bracket6:25pm The Philhellenes7:35pm Melbourne Epirotic Ensemble8:45pm Club Sigmalast_img

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