MovieBob Reviews the best and worst summer movies of 2016

first_img No. 5 – Pete’s Dragon1/5This was a lovely surprise! The gonzo bizarre original is a childhood favorite of mine, but I was enchanted by this retooling that mashes up E.T., THE Iron Giant and Where the Wild Things Are into a soulful, smart meditation on growing up without growing out of the magic of childhood. Between this, The BFG and Kubo and the Two Strings; 2016 was the year of truly wonderful family films… that basically nobody went to see. Guess they should’ve put a fucking Minion in there somewhere.<><><> Yuck. Alright, enough of that. Now for the good stuff!The top 5 best movies of summer 2016 No. 5 – Warcraft1/51/5Ugh. Look, I wanted this to be as good as anybody, if for no other reason than Duncan Jones had a terrible year and perhaps could’ve used a hit. Everyone’s heart was in the right place on this one and they tried really fucking hard; but in the end Warcraft was just a big tedious mess so far up its own ass that even the hardcore fans who could understand it couldn’t be bothered to care. For some reason China really liked it so we’re probably getting a sequel; but 5 minutes of watching these nothing characters blather on with tedious world building is enough to remind you why Lord of the Rings stuck all that business at the beginning of the first one.<><><>center_img Oh hey, it’s that time of year again!In all honesty, it’s starting to get pointless trying to do these lists. Time was, summer movies actually meant something: it was when studios brought out their blockbuster big guns because the kids were off from school and they’d sell more tickets. But now, the definition of “summer” seems to keep getting extended further back into the spring, partly to fit more movies in and partly because in a globalized film industry when you want to watch a big movie matters increasingly less than when China wants to watch a big movie.What that means is that I had to stretch the definition of summer for my list all the way back into fucking May to properly reflect the full sweep of Hollywood’s version of summer, and even then it feels a little incomplete both as a blockbuster diagnosis and as a test of overall quality: 2016’s best “summer” type movie, Captain America: Civil War, came out in April. My favorite movie so far period, Everybody Wants Some, was all the way back in March and so was the worst movie of the year, Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice.So why do a summer list episode at all? Because it’s Labor Day Weekend and nothing anyone cares about is opening in theaters. So let’s get started, beginning at the bottom:The 5 worst movies of summer 2016last_img

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