Goodnight VR Prince Palmer Luckey Leaves Oculus

first_img British Airways Tests VR Entertainment on Select First-Class Flights’Doctor Who’ Returns This Fall With Interactive VR Game Stay on target As successful as this tweet was, maybe I should’ve went with one of these Newt Gingrich photos instead?— Jordan Minor (@JordanWMinor) August 10, 2015We’ll never forget you, Palmer. Well, I [email protected] Couldn’t resist. 😉— Sean Pelletier (@PellyNV) August 6, 2015— keep calm and evcon (@evcon) August 6, 2015Humanity will never be the same.#timemagazine –— Nibel (@Nibellion) August 6, 2015He’s reaching his final [email protected]— Dnut Scott-Dunkin (@devonsoft) August 6, 2015center_img Welp, it finally happened. Palmer Luckey, the Boy King/old-timey baseball player who helped Kickstart the modern (questionable) virtual reality boom, is no longer at Oculus. According to UploadVR, Oculus’s parent company Facebook hasn’t detailed exactly why the creator of the Oculus Rift headset has left the company he founded and earned millions of dollars off of, but if you’ve been paying attention, it’s not too hard to figure out what probably happened.During the slow descent into fascism that was last year’s American presidential election, we learned that Luckey was helping to speed the process up by donating cash to far-right online political groups. More recently, Oculus also lost a lawsuit alleging Luckey violated a non-disclosure agreement with ZeniMax. The jury awarded ZeniMax $500 million.So instead of toughing it out in an industry that clearly (and rightfully) has turned on him, Luckey is taking or is being forced to take his ball made of billions of dollars and going home. Celebrate (or mourn) Luckey’s departure with these dank memes about the Little VR Prince. May his feet remain bare, his politics remain awful, and his VR hair remain coiffed.Look at him go. He’s flying [email protected] I got a cover for ya— Matt Ufford (@mattufford) August 6, 2015He’s heading toward uncharted virtual worlds.The graphics are amazing.— The Daily Dot (@dailydot) August 6, 2015No realm is beyond his reach.I decided to photoshop @Time‘s VR cover image too. Into nightmares. #waterlevel— Janelle Vanderwall (@s0osleepie) August 6, 2015Oh no! Watch out [email protected] @TIME— Danny Espinoza (@abcdannye) August 6, 2015He’s making new friends. Maybe they’ll appreciate him [email protected] @dailydot Marvel’s running out of characters…#RiffTraxVR— Andrew Horn (@bbofun) August 6, 2015 I’m pretty stoked for this issue of @TIME— Jordan Minor (@JordanWMinor) August 6, 2015last_img

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