Nike Unveils Adonis Creed Collection Featuring Michael B Jordan

first_img Star Wars x Adidas Ultraboost Photos Have LeakedBest Sneakers of Summer 2019 Stay on target I don’t think there’s ever been a movie that so immediately made me start doing pushups as 2015’s Creed unless you include the trailer for Creed 2 as a movie. I’ve been doing so many pushups, probably at least 30, since that trailer dropped. And come this Thanksgiving I’m going to be doing even more (perhaps 35) because Creed 2 will finally hit theaters.The first film, part of the long-running Rocky series, featured a well-placed sponsorship from Nike and it looks like the collaboration is going strong in the franchise’s second installment. This week Nike announced a full collaborative line to be launched alongside the film. This is a little more unique than a traditional sneaker/apparel collaboration, though.Photo Credit: NikeWhat Nike is releasing isn’t Creed 2-branded gear, nor is it a signature sneaker for star Michael B. Jordan. No, the line — which is being put together by Nike Training — is the Adonis Creed line, a full lineup of signature gear made in tribute to the titular Adonis Creed. It’s effectively a signature clothing line for a fictional character, complete with a brand new Adonis Creed logo. Jordan even recorded a behind-the-scenes video surveying the line fully in character as Donny Creed, lending to the sort of contained fiction of the collaboration.The standout is easily the sneaker, the Nike Metcon Flyknit 3. Featuring the signature Adonis Creed branding, it’s a play on one of Nike’s standout workout shoes. This particular silhouette comes equipped with an extended ankle and removable branded strap. This provides extra support in the ankle, making the shoe far better equipped to handle a boxing workout.Photo Credit: NikeThere’s also some killer apparel, including branded tees, hoodies, and shorts. All feature immaculate, clean graphics and breathable material designed to stand up to even the hardest of workouts.Look, is a tee shirt that says CREED going to get you Killmonger-ripped? Probably not (that’d be cool though, right?). Still, I’ve personally found that good gear gets me in a good headspace to go to the gym. So whether it’s your first time ever, your first time in a while, or just your first workout of the week, check this line out. Nike’s workout gear is second to none, Adonis Creed is both a great character and a legit fit-spiration icon, and rocking his name on a hoodie or a new pair of kicks is sure to make you want to push a little bit harder in the weight room (or track or boxing ring, whatever your game is). Throw on the dope Meek Mill track from that training montage in the first movie and you’ll be good to go.Photo Credit: NikeLook for the Nike x Adonis Creed Collection to drop on Thursday, November 15, at select retailers and Creed 2, starring Michael B. Jordan, will hit theaters on November 21.More on Sneakers Your Favorite Superhero Would Wear10 Best Geeky Sneakers of 2018Vans Launches NASA ‘Space Voyager’ Collectionlast_img

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