Dog Bite Prevention Week Give a thought to letter carriers

first_imgOne of Curt Waser’s favorite movies is “The Sandlot,” but the Vancouver postal service worker came a little too close to re-enacting a scary scene from the 1993 film while working one day in 2017.Waser, 54, was walking back to his van when he heard a dog growling loudly behind a 6-foot fence. Waser, who has worked as a letter carrier for 28 years, knew the house and the dog, and knew it wasn’t usually loose in the yard. While Waser walked to his van, the growling grew louder, and Waser could tell the dog was right up against the other side of the fence. He picked up his pace, looked back and saw the pit bull’s front legs and head dangling over the top of the fence.Waser again picked up his pace, reached his van and slipped inside while shutting the door. He looked back and saw the pit bull darting toward his van.“It had a mission,” Waser said. “I beat it, though.”While Waser was lucky to elude the dog, not all U.S. Postal Service workers are as lucky. There were 6,244 Postal Service employees attacked by dogs in 2017, according to information sent out by the Postal Service, which is more than 500 fewer than in 2016. The service is asking customers to think about the safety of Postal Service employees this week, as Sunday kicked off the service’s National Dog Bite Prevention Week.In Vancouver, one Postal Service employee was attacked by a dog in 2017, down from two in 2016, according to Peter Hass, spokesman for the Postal Service. Houston, Texas, had 71 Postal Service employees attacked by dogs in 2017, the most of any city. Seattle tied for 13th with 28 attacks, and Portland tied for 17th with 24 attacks.last_img

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