Premium economy attracts corporate flyers reveals Sabre study

first_imgSabre, in its ‘Corporate Travel Practices Survey 2015′ has found that despite a “relatively limited provision” of premium economy seats in the Asia Pacific region, bookings for these products have jumped more than 10% among one-fifth of the corporate travel agents surveyed, and looks set to climb further and faster in the future.The report declared that tightening travel budgets are responsible for driving the demand for premium economy. Currently, many travellers are only permitted to travel economy class, but corporate travel policies often include premium economy within this bracket. Therefore, many business travellers are nowadays requesting a switch to airlines that offer premium economy.Almost a quarter (24%) of respondents reported this type of request, as part of the “tendency to demand more than what is permitted by policy”.While a similar number (23%) of respondents said they have been asked to change clients’ regular economy bookings to premium economy seats.According to the report, premium economy has also attracted movement from other classes. While half (51%) of respondents said they had observed or managed downgrades from business class to economy to reduce costs, 41% had also seen moves half-way down the plane, taking premium economy seats instead.last_img

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