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first_imgUPF Ethiopia, Simon Amare: ILI in partnership with GREENWICH University invited UPF-ETHIOPIA as well as participants from various sectors to join the 7th Joint International conference on WOMEN’S ROLE IN THE SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT OF AFRICA.UPF-ETHIOPIA Leaders and 4 peace ambassadors took part in the 7th Joint International conference on WOMEN’S ROLE on November 27th, 2015. The conference was held in the new Headquarters building of the AFRICAN UNION.Ms. BETHELHEM TAYE, director of Research, Publication & Quality Assurance office in the INTERNATIONAL LEADERSHIP INSTITUTE knowing well the statement of UPF on the role of women invited UPF to be part of the conference. Ms. BETHELHEM is, actually, a committed Ambassador for PEACE of UPF. And, this is not the first time she is requesting UPF-Ethiopia to be part of conferences of higher level. In fact, she already arranged lectures in our offices in the past, notably on UN Intl women’s Day.Once again, Ms. BETHELHEM with her colleague FREWOYNE FITSUM (MARKETING OFFICER in ILI) took the responsibility to fully organize this conference on the role of women.The program started with the opening speech of Prof. BADEG BEKELE, president of INTERNATIONAL LEADERSHIP INSTITUTE. Here are some of his remarks:“This year’s conference, which is the seventh of its kind, is especially dedicated to Women’s role in the sustainable development of AFRICA. One of ILI’s main goals is to aggressively work towards the improvement of the Leadership role and status of women in ETHIOPIA as well as AFRICA and as a testimony, ILI intentionally has an increasing chart of number of its female students and/or Graduates in its Masters’ level programs over the past few years who have already assumed potential leadership positions in different sectors of the society.A woman is a mother, a sister and a daughter. Empowering her means empowering all the three and our family as a whole so let we be all wise enough to stand by her side and support. Thank you.”After the 2nd intervention of Dr. Tesfamariam Mehari, representative of GREENWICH UNIVERSITY, Dr. TEWABECH Bishaw addressed her keynote speech as guest of honor. A key phrase summarizing her speech is there can be no development without involving women for they are part of the society and they play a big role in it.At the 4th plan, Mrs. MULU SOLOMON, guest of honor of ILI, who is also Peace Ambassador, delivered her so inspiring and moving keynote address.Mrs. MULU mentioned women in Africa are submissive to cultures and religious traditions that deprive them from their rights to have their proper position in the society. That is the reason why they cannot participate in development unfortunately. On the contrary, they are marginalized, mistreated and even beaten.Mrs. MULU also added we are living a new era wherein women should have their due places. They should have equal value with men and instead empower them, for women have the potential and capabilities to change our society for the better.Furthermore, Mrs. MULU attracted the attention of participants on one point; we all are the same and equal, and as so, we should unite to create one big human family. All conflicts and problems arise from divisions and discriminations. For Mrs. MULU SOLOMON, the remedy to the problems of our world is equality and unity.Participants were so moved by her words that Mrs. MULU was so applaused and congratulated.Her excellency, Mrs. TADELECH HAILE MICHAEL, former Minister of women and youth and also representing UPF-ETHIOPIA as being appointed as an AFP in PARIS, had the opportunity to present briefly her viewpoint and comment in this conference.Mrs. TADELECH mentioned: Women, especially in ETHIOPIA and also AFRICA, lack of commitment to change their status. The key word for change to come is commitment. We do not see commitment from women; first because they are not given this opportunity but also most of women are fatalistic to accept their conditions. Committed women should inspire others to change.Mrs. TADELECH noticed there is also a lack of information coming not only to women but to all of us. The information should reach all of us, particularly women so we can be aware of all the changes and happenings in this world today.This is what motived Mrs. TADELECH to write some books on women’s status and role, for them to be inspired and change.As from our side of UPF, the secretary general intervened by affirming that besides of all mobilizations done in the society, it is crucial to work on the Family entity wherein we acquire good habits and character. The family being the all start of everything. It is in the family that we learn and respect our sisters and siblings.As an overall, different researches from Ethiopian universities have presented their studies on women’s case and conditions in our society today. We could get of a lot of knowledge and information from their educative presentations.Some photos below illustrating the conference:To conclude, we’d like to thank Ms. BETHELHEM TAYE for inviting and associating UPF in the fight for empowering women. We’d like to recall that one of UPF missions is give women their right position for UPF founders believe this era is the era of WOMEN. TODAY, Mrs. HAK JAH HAN MOON and Mrs. SUN JIN MOON are leading all of our organizations in our movement devotedly for the sake of a better world wherein all human being with no discrimination at all be living happily and equally.last_img

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