first_imgSome ladies show steely determination during today’s race. Picture by Gary Foy.ANOTHER great turn-put for the RunDonegal Women’s 5k in Stranorlar this morning.Fionnuala Diver from Letterkenny AC took the honours. More pix later. Run Donegal Womens 5k ResultsPlace Number Name Time Category Club1 1885 Fionnuala Diver 00:17:51 SW Letterkenny A C 2 1905 Catriona Devine 00:18:28 SW Finn Valley A C3 498 Noleen Porter 00:19:09 MW Finn Valley A C4 486 Catherine Dooher 00:19:26 SW Finn Valley A C5 1844 Kay Byrne 00:19:37 MW Finn Valley A C6 1857 Mary Connoly 00:20:09 SW Finn Valley A C7 468 Gillian Marley 00:20:19 JW Milford A C8 1929 Cliodhna Dunne 00:20:46 SW Finn Valley A C 9 330 Martina Hegarty 00:20:54 SW Unattached10 1917 Karen Gallagher 00:21:12 JW Letterkenny A C11 388 Karen Duffner 00:21:18 SW Finn Valley A C12 1893 Sharon Black 00:21:28 SW Letterkenny A C 13 488 Catherine McKinley 00:21:36 SW Individual14 1829 Helen McLaughlin 00:21:46 SW Individual15 1962 Jane McGinley 00:21:49 SW Individual16 1900 Laura Lee Penrose 00:22:00 JW Finn Valley A C17 1971 Valerie McGuire 00:22:00 MW Finn Valley A C18 1854 Shannon Craig 00:22:03 JW Lifford A C19 345 Margaret Reid 00:22:04 MW Individual20 462 Emma McGee 00:22:12 SW Individual21 319 Annette Crumlish 00:22:15 SW Individual22 347 Frances Cairns 00:22:19 MW Castlefin Runners23 356 Ashlean McGeehan 00:22:20 SW Finn Valley A C24 1927 Ciara Finnegan 00:22:31 JW Letterkenny A C25 1926 Arlene Crossan 00:22:32 JW Letterkenny A C26 1859 Leanne Kelly 00:22:33 JW Finn Valley A C27 285 Maria McGonagle 00:22:39 SW Finn Valley A C28 447 Breda Byrne 00:22:39 SW Glenties CLCG29 492 Lynn Crawford 00:22:43 SW Individual30 1886 Maria Boyle 00:22:51 SW Finn Valley A C31 482 Belinda McArdle 00:22:53 SW Individual32 491 Laura Moore 00:23:00 SW Individual33 1933 Sean Swan O’Donnell 00:23:00 SM Individual34 496 Elaine Gillen 00:23:00 SW Individual35 1972 Emma Lawne 00:23:07 SW Individual36 449 Brona Heverin 00:23:11 SW Individual37 1873 Alsion McMonagle 00:23:13 SW Individual38 337 Sharon Hamilton 00:23:19 SW Finn Valley A C39 442 Imelda Gallagher 00:23:23 SW Individual40 246 Caroline McNulty 00:23:25 SW Individual41 343 Amy McNulty 00:23:30 JW Finn Valley A C42 256 Eliose Carlin 00:23:36 JW Finn Valley A C43 393 Goretti Marley 00:23:37 SW Finn Valley A C44 295 Margarey McGlynn 00:23:39 SW Glenties CLCG45 444 Eimear McDermott 00:23:47 SW Finn Valley A C46 258 Emear Kelly 00:23:48 JW Finn Valley A C47 254 Shauna Finn 00:23:48 JW Finn Valley A C48 298 Aisling Kelly 00:23:51 SW Individual49 278 Deborah Conroy 00:23:52 SW Lifford A C50 1846 Andrea McGavigan 00:23:53 SW Lifford A C51 296 Ann Marie Dalton 00:23:55 SW Individual52 487 Ann Robinson 00:23:56 SW Individual53 1920 Shannon McLaughlin 00:23:56 SW Individual54 378 Sharon Thompson 00:23:57 MW Finn Valley A C55 1852 Claire MacIntyre 00:24:00 SW Individual56 1876 Mary Bond 00:24:02 MW Finn Valley A C57 1877 Nancy McNamee 00:24:02 MW Finn Valley A C58 1835 Alsion Stoddart 00:24:04 SW Individual59 281 Majella McLaughlin 00:24:06 SW Finn Valley A C60 480 Junya McGrory 00:24:11 SW Individual61 479 Grainne Gallagher 00:24:11 SW Individual62 454 Henrietta Elves 00:24:11 SW Inishowen A C63 1834 Agnus Ryan 00:24:12 SW Milford A C64 497 Jenny Shields 00:24:13 SW Individual65 1871 Kathleen Dwohan 00:24:14 SW Individual66 467 Caroline Marley 00:24:15 SW Milford A C67 1930 Joanna Campbell 00:24:20 SW Finn Valley A C68 445 Danelle Boyce 00:24:22 SW Glenties CLCG69 264 Ruth McCrudden 00:24:25 MW Letterkenny A C70 240 Sinead McMenamin 00:24:32 SW Castlefin Runners71 1951 Martin Murphy 00:24:33 SM Finn Valley A C72 475 Frances Doherty 00:24:35 SW Individual73 1948 Bernie McMenamin 00:24:38 SW Finn Valley A C74 332 Stacey Blake 00:24:46 JW Individual75 269 Annmarie Roche 00:24:47 SW Individual76 459 Marie Brennan 00:24:47 SW Individual77 351 Diane Gallagher 00:24:48 SW Finn Valley A C78 1931 Emma Speight 00:24:48 JW Finn Valley A C79 1860 Lorraine Tourish 00:25:00 SW Individual80 310 Tina Smyth 00:25:00 SW Unattached81 375 Mary Martin 00:25:08 SW Finn Valley A C82 1870 Anthea Hegarty 00:25:12 SW Lifford A C83 244 Mary Rice 00:25:18 SW Killybegs A C84 485 Gaynor Hyndley 00:25:19 SW Finn Valley A C85 469 Catherine Carney 00:25:20 SW Individual86 1891 Gerardette McLaughlin 00:25:21 SW Individual87 398 Marcella McBride 00:25:31 SW Castlefin Runners88 477 Amy McGill 00:25:33 JW Individual89 366 Elaine Grant 00:25:34 SW Finn Valley A C90 1863 Brid McGinty 00:25:34 SW Individual91 1988 Jo McGlinchey 00:25:37 SW Individual92 1843 Colleen McDaid 00:25:37 SW Individual93 1842 Sandra Whoriskey 00:25:39 SW Individual94 261 Patricia O’Donnell 00:25:39 SW Individual95 1840 Sarah Wilis 00:25:55 SW Individual96 1925 Bernie Crossan 00:25:55 MW Individual97 1826 Jayne Thompson 00:26:04 SW Individual98 326 Carla Delaney 00:26:06 SW Individual99 291 Maureen Doherty 00:26:07 SW Individual100 461 Courtney O’Brien 00:26:09 SW Individual101 379 Charmain O’Brien 00:26:09 SW Finn Valley A C102 233 Irene McNulty 00:26:10 SW Castlefin Runners103 277 Marie Duffy 00:26:13 SW Individual104 1908 Catriona Mulhern 00:26:18 SW Individual105 1855 Kathleen Craig 00:26:20 JW Lifford A C106 279 Cora Harvey 00:26:21 SW Finn Valley A C107 1838 Laura Black 00:26:22 JW Individual108 458 Bernie Martin 00:26:23 SW Individual109 1824 Mary Harold 00:26:24 SW Finn Valley A C110 322 Shauna Kelly 00:26:25 SW Finn Valley A C111 293 Deirdre Friel 00:26:26 SW Individual112 1879 Martina Carr 00:26:27 MW Finn Valley A C113 1980 Labhaoise Maguire 00:26:30 SW Individual114 1978 Andrea McGowan 00:26:35 SW Finn Valley A C115 400 Lisa McGlynn 00:26:40 SW Castlefin Runners116 265 Rosaleen Greene 00:26:40 SW Individual117 346 Carmel McConnell 00:26:40 MW Castlefin Runners118 352 Siobhan Houston 00:26:42 SW Finn Valley A C119 370 Aisling Gallagher 00:26:43 SW Finn Valley A C120 289 Caroline McElwaine 00:26:48 SW Individual121 1970 Bernie McGuire 00:26:48 SW Finn Valley A C122 336 Sinead Collins 00:26:48 SW Finn Valley A C123 1979 Dympna McGinty 00:26:49 SW Finn Valley A C124 450 Bernie Molloy 00:26:50 SW Individual125 305 Rachel Robinson 00:26:55 SW Individual126 1977 Ciara Crosson 00:26:55 SW Individual127 1865 Saorla McGarrigle 00:26:56 JW Individual128 1882 Ronnie Sweeney 00:26:57 SM Inishowen A C129 1856 Patricia McLaughlin 00:26:59 SW Inishowen A C130 457 Lyndsy Melly 00:26:59 SW Individual131 353 Jennifer Pearson 00:27:00 SW Finn Valley A C132 362 Emma Bates 00:27:06 SW Finn Valley A C133 249 Lynn McGowan 00:27:11 SW Individual134 1934 Colleen O’Brien 00:27:16 SW Finn Valley A C135 250 Margaret Doherty 00:27:21 SW Individual136 312 Paula Jansen 00:27:21 SW Finn Valley A C137 1861 Teresa McLaughlin 00:27:21 SW Individual138 361 Emma McLauglin 00:27:22 SW Finn Valley A C139 357 Cliona Rushe 00:27:23 SW Finn Valley A C140 311 Lucy Costello 00:27:24 JW Individual141 290 Marie McAterr 00:27:33 SW Individual142 389 AnnMarie Lynch 00:27:35 SW Finn Valley A C143 363 Grainne Graham 00:27:35 SW Finn Valley A C144 1990 Leanne Duffy 00:27:37 SW Individual145 456 Regina McHugh 00:27:39 SW Individual146 372 AnnMarie Gibbons 00:27:41 SW Finn Valley A C147 283 Denise Espey 00:27:45 SW Individual148 1822 Margaret McCunnell 00:27:47 SW Finn Valley A C149 1909 Maureen Gallagher 00:27:49 SW Individual150 1828 Marcus Crawford 00:27:50 SM Individual151 333 Ann Marie Reynolds 00:27:50 SW Individual152 399 Lisa McGlinchey 00:27:53 SW Castlefin Runners153 232 Julie McNamee 00:27:54 SW Castlefin Runners154 1928 Shauna McGeehan 00:27:55 JW Letterkenny A C155 1887 Tina McHugh 00:28:03 SW Individual156 1904 Irene MCFadden 00:28:06 SW Letterkenny A C157 354 Hilary Pearson 00:28:06 SW Finn Valley A C158 385 Fiona Colreavy 00:28:07 SW Individual159 1848 Linda McBEth 00:28:15 SW Individual160 443 Edwina Sweeney 00:28:16 SW Individual161 273 Edel Gildea 00:28:16 SW Finn Valley A C162 1963 Jacqueline Friel 00:28:17 SW Individual163 1939 Martina McDaid 00:28:19 SW Individual164 377 Laura McGowan 00:28:19 SW Individual165 376 Lisa Ferguson 00:28:22 SW Individual166 1869 Avril Larkin 00:28:22 SW Individual167 355 Tina McGlynn 00:28:23 SW Finn Valley A C168 1827 Trevor Kilpatrick 00:28:24 SM Individual169 1936 Stephanie Cazytown 00:28:25 SW Finn Valley A C170 247 Rosemary Boggs 00:28:27 SW Lifford A C171 1853 Mary Lyons 00:28:28 SW Individual172 1907 Pauline O’Connor 00:28:31 SW Individual173 1906 Pauline Doherty 00:28:32 SW Inishowen A C174 373 Antoinette Coyle 00:28:36 SW Finn Valley A C175 1899 Roisin Kenny 00:28:39 SW Individual176 1989 Carolon Duffy 00:28:43 SW Individual177 313 Maria Boyle 00:28:47 SW Finn Valley A C178 331 Joleen McHugh 00:28:48 SW Individual179 1883 Orla Redmond 00:28:49 SW Individual180 287 Patricia Doucey 00:28:49 MW Finn Valley A C181 306 Louise Dowling 00:28:52 SW Letterkenny A C182 245 Karen Petersen 00:28:52 SW Individual183 1862 Patricia Devine 00:28:52 SW Individual184 334 Rosemary Monaghan 00:28:53 SW Individual185 1961 Denise McGahran 00:28:54 MW Individual186 358 Davina Russell 00:28:56 SW Finn Valley A C187 1849 Sophie Kelly 00:29:00 SW Individual188 380 Eithne Browne 00:29:01 SW Individual189 392 Ciara McBride 00:29:04 SW Finn Valley A C190 309 Denise Moss 00:29:06 SW Individual191 1875 Diane Gallagher 00:29:08 SW Individual192 446 Dympna Bonner 00:29:08 SW Individual193 451 Lynn Porter 00:29:18 SW Individual194 344 Madeline Redmond 00:29:26 SW Inishowen A C195 1825 Ann Marie McGonagle 00:29:27 SW Finn Valley A C196 1921 Eileen McLaughlin 00:29:27 SW Individual197 1845 Michelle Marley 00:29:30 SW Individual198 318 Michelle Conroy 00:29:31 SW Finn Valley A C199 1867 Claire Irwin 00:29:36 SW Individual200 288 Rita Conway 00:29:36 SW Individual201 391 Nicola Kee 00:29:37 SW Finn Valley A C202 1969 Caroline Britton 00:29:37 SW Individual203 472 Josie Gallagher 00:29:37 SW Individual204 484 Aisling McAterr 00:29:40 SW Individual205 1938 Jayine McLaughlin 00:29:41 SW Finn Valley A C206 1937 Jackie McNamee 00:29:42 SW Finn Valley A C207 1910 Nuala Allen 00:29:43 SW Individual208 365 Denise McElwaine 00:29:56 SW Finn Valley A C209 272 Frances Wilson 00:30:05 SW Finn Valley A C210 248 Karen Carlin 00:30:07 SW Lifford A C211 470 Loretta Devenney 00:30:09 SW Individual212 239 Loretta McNulty 00:30:11 SW Castlefin Runners213 1866 Emma Duffy 00:30:14 SW Individual214 237 Finola McBride 00:30:14 SW Castlefin Runners215 452 Marian McShane 00:30:14 SW Individual216 453 Brid McHugh 00:30:14 SW Individual217 236 Finnuala McBride 00:30:21 SW Castlefin Runners218 359 Selina Russell 00:30:22 SW Finn Valley A C219 325 Brenda Doherty 00:30:22 SW Milford A C220 1831 Elaine Robinson 00:30:29 SW Individual221 1830 Lucia Temple 00:30:37 SW Individual222 266 Riaghan Byrne 00:30:37 SW Individual223 1897 Sheena Stewart 00:30:43 SW Individual224 301 Donna McCrory 00:30:43 SW Individual225 268 Amanda Boyle 00:30:52 SW Individual226 1833 Bernie O’Donnell 00:31:10 SW Milford A C227 292 Karen Peoples 00:31:17 SW Finn Valley A C228 1975 Sophie Savva 00:31:17 JW Individual229 1976 Louise Duddy 00:31:22 SW Individual230 315 Karen McDevitt 00:31:23 SW Individual231 316 Fionnuala Pike 00:31:28 SW Individual232 1847 Linda Watson 00:31:29 SW Individual233 338 Helen Doherty 00:31:31 SW Finn Valley A C234 1894 Mary Duddy 00:31:38 SW Individual235 335 Maria Devlin 00:31:39 MW Individual236 1850 Martina McBrearty 00:31:43 MW Individual237 483 Julian McKelvey 00:31:46 SW Individual238 304 Susan Doherty 00:31:46 SW Finn Valley A C239 1960 Murna Weir 00:31:48 SW Individual240 1959 Elaine Craig 00:31:54 SW Individual241 364 Diane McGarrigle 00:31:54 SW Finn Valley A C242 371 Amy Gilbbons 00:31:54 SW Finn Valley A C243 241 Donna Curran 00:31:54 SW Castlefin Runners244 317 Debbie Campbell 00:32:00 SW Finn Valley A C245 1864 Deirdre McGarrigle 00:32:02 SW Individual246 476 Joanne McGinley 00:32:06 SW Individual247 327 Sharon Hunter 00:32:15 SW Individual248 1915 Doloros McMonagle 00:32:26 SW Individual249 1896 Lillian Lee 00:32:39 SW Individual250 455 Patricia McGrenra 00:32:43 SW Individual251 1914 Kathleen O’Donnell 00:32:50 SW Individual252 323 Grainne Rice 00:32:53 SW Lifford A C253 324 Jennifer Gallagher 00:32:56 SW Lifford A C254 381 Yvonne Gallagher 00:32:56 SW Individual255 276 Mary Byrne 00:33:12 SW Finn Valley A C256 308 Michelle McDaid 00:33:12 Walker Individual257 1966 Karen Kelly 00:33:26 JW Finn Valley A C258 1858 Kathleen Kelly 00:33:44 SW Finn Valley A C259 1901 Mary Penrose 00:33:44 SW Finn Valley A C260 280 Betty Gallen 00:33:47 MW Finn Valley A C261 307 Leanne Lynch 00:33:48 Walker Individual262 460 Caroline Catterson 00:33:55 SW Individual263 1965 Mary Furey 00:33:55 MW Individual264 1881 Karen McNally 00:34:00 SW Individual265 263 Roisin O’Donnell 00:34:26 SW Unattached266 262 Ursula Lynch 00:34:27 SW Inishowen A C267 321 Lorraine McGinley 00:34:30 SW Individual268 1837 Orla McGuinness 00:34:31 SW City Of Derry269 314 Yvonne Boyle 00:34:40 JW Individual270 286 Mary Sheridan 00:34:59 SW Individual271 1836 Sinead Ewing 00:35:20 SW Individual272 1884 Mary Henderson 00:35:20 SW Individual273 270 Lynsey Harding 00:35:20 SW Individual274 271 Sinead McColgan 00:35:40 SW Individual275 1889 Claire Kelly 00:35:40 SW Individual276 1935 Shauna Carlan 00:36:15 MW Finn Valley A C277 1832 Kathleen Anderson 00:36:15 SW Individual278 1981 Fiona Temple 00:36:45 SW Individual279 493 Caoimhe Lagan 00:36:46 SW Individual280 494 Elaine Gallagher 00:37:17 SW Individual281 1874 Maria Ryan 00:37:20 SW Individual282 253 Niamh Gallagher 00:37:22 JW Finn Valley A C283 297 Rosaleen McGonagle 00:37:22 MW Finn Valley A C284 1983 Rosemary Parkinson 00:37:29 SW Individual285 1868 Teresa Crawford 00:38:10 SW Individual286 1823 Louise Cullen 00:38:29 SW Individual287 464 Edel Melaugh 00:38:51 SW Individual288 463 Louise Gordon 00:39:00 SW Individual289 284 Sharon McNulty 00:39:00 SW Individual290 1946 Edel Sweeney 00:39:50 SW Individual291 329 Aoife Kelly 00:40:10 JW Finn Valley A C292 466 Jordon Carson 00:40:12 SW Individual293 441 Dasibhad McDaid 00:40:13 SW Individual294 465 Tanya Carson 00:40:26 SW Individual295 440 Colm McDaid 00:40:26 SM Individual296 282 Isabel Boyle 00:40:26 SW Individual297 406 #N/A 00:40:26 #N/A #N/A298 489 Leona Martin 00:40:28 SW Individual299 1895 Fiona Farren 00:40:31 SW Individual300 490 John Curran 00:40:31 SM Individual301 252 Catherine Gallagher 00:40:31 JW Finn Valley A C302 251 AnneMarie McGeehan 00:40:31 SW Finn Valley A C303 1984 Siofra Maguire 00:41:40 JW Individual304 1941 Rita McDaid 00:41:44 SW Individual305 1945 Kathleen Sweeney 00:41:51 SW Individual306 1940 Fiona McDaid 00:43:43 SW Individual307 1923 Grainne Duggan 00:43:43 SW Individual308 1924 Blanaid McLaughlin 00:43:43 SW Individual309 1872 Orla McWalters 00:43:50 SW IndividualRESULTS: WHERE DID YOU COME IN THE RUNDONEGAL WOMEN’S 5K? was last modified: April 14th, 2013 by BrendaShare this:Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on LinkedIn (Opens in new window)Click to share on Reddit (Opens in new window)Click to share on Pocket (Opens in new window)Click to share on Telegram (Opens in new 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Jazz hardly sweat against Knicks for 5th straight rout

first_imgBloomberg: US would benefit from more, not fewer, immigrants Wintry storm delivers US travel woes before Thanksgiving Trump tells impeachment jokes at annual turkey pardon event Mitchell scored 30 points, Gobert made all seven shots and added 18, and the Jazz romped to their fifth straight lopsided victory by beating the Knicks 137-116 on Wednesday night.“We’re doing a lot of things great on offense and defense,” Mitchell said.FEATURED STORIESSPORTSPrivate companies step in to help SEA Games hostingSPORTSPalace wants Cayetano’s PHISGOC Foundation probed over corruption chargesSPORTSSingapore latest to raise issue on SEA Games food, logisticsIngles made six 3-pointers and also scored 18, while Mitchell made five 3-pointers as the Jazz finished 20 of 42 (48 percent) from behind the arc, tying a franchise record for makes.The Jazz, who led by as much as 37, started their winning streak with a 17-point win over Phoenix, then beat Minnesota by 20, Brooklyn by 16 and Washington by 21. Frank Ntilikina appears close to returning from a groin injury that has sidelined him since Jan. 28. He practiced with the Knicks’ NBA G League team on Tuesday, and Fizdale said the team’s medical staff said they wanted the second-year guard to get another practice in before deciding if he was ready to return.GOOD TO BE HOMEAfter playing seven of their last nine on the road, the Knicks get to settle in New York for a while. They host Denver on Friday, the Los Angeles Clippers on Sunday, then follow with games next week against Toronto and Miami. They close the homestand against Chicago on April 1.UP NEXTJazz: Visit Atlanta on Thursday.Knicks: Host Denver on Friday.Sports Related Videospowered by AdSparcRead Next Don’t miss out on the latest news and information. PH underwater hockey team aims to make waves in SEA Games PLAY LIST 02:42PH underwater hockey team aims to make waves in SEA Games01:44Philippines marks anniversary of massacre with calls for justice01:19Fire erupts in Barangay Tatalon in Quezon City01:07Trump talks impeachment while meeting NCAA athletes02:49World-class track facilities installed at NCC for SEA Games02:11Trump awards medals to Jon Voight, Alison Krauss Utah Jazz guard Donovan Mitchell (45) dunks during the first half of the team’s NBA basketball game against the New York Knicks, Wednesday, March 20, 2019, at Madison Square Garden in New York. (AP Photo/Mary Altaffer)NEW YORK — Donovan Mitchell and Joe Ingles poured in shots from the outside and Rudy Gobert couldn’t miss from inside.The Utah Jazz are making the game look easy, and there was nothing the lowly New York Knicks could do to stop that.ADVERTISEMENT Colombia protesters vow new strike after talks hit snag MOST READ LATEST STORIES Private companies step in to help SEA Games hosting View comments Mitchell, a native of Elmsford, New York, put on a good show for his home fans, shooting 12 of 20 and throwing down one particularly sharp dunk in the first half.Hezonja’s 3-pointer gave the Knicks a 3-2 lead, but Utah answered with nine straight points and never trailed again. The Jazz led 39-25 after one, shooting 65 percent, pushed it to 50-29 on Ingles’ 3-pointer in the second, and the lead stayed in the 20s for the rest of the half.“They just swung the ball around and were hitting shots,” Knicks center Mitchell Robinson said. “We were close enough to get into their airspace, but they still put them up and they made them. You’ve got to give them their props. They can shoot.”It went past 30 for the first time when Gobert’s dunk made it 81-50 early in the third, and peaked at 100-63 on Mitchell’s 3-pointer midway through the period.TIP-INSJazz: The 39 points were one shy of their highest this season in a first quarter, which they did against Miami on Dec. 12. … Jae Crowder scored 15 points.Knicks: The Knicks were also without reserve guards Allonzo Trier (strained left calf) and Kadeem Allen (ill). Though he said Smith was day-to-day, Fizdale indicated his absence could last at least one more game, saying Smith would probably be evaluated next week.BIG BLOCKERRobinson blocked a shot in his 29th straight game, breaking Patrick Ewing’s Knicks rookie record.BACK SOON? Magic cruise past Pelicans, close in on Heat in NBA playoff race SEA Games hosting troubles anger Duterte Miguel Romero Polo: Bamboo technology like no other Google Philippines names new country director “We’re trying to get better each game as this kind of finishes off here,” Ingles said, “and if that’s winning by 15, 20 or 1, or 40, whatever it is, we’re just trying to get better with each game and I think we’ve been doing that.”That was a rather soft portion of their schedule and it got even softer with a game against the NBA-worst Knicks, who the Jazz had already clobbered 129-97 at home on Dec. 29. Utah trailed for less than a minute of this one and was shooting 63 percent through three quarters, a number that dropped to 56.5 by the finish only because the best players were on the bench for most of the fourth quarter.“We just got punched,” Knicks coach David Fizdale said. “After we got punched, it was like, what victory can I find? Let’s win the second half and we did accomplish that, which I was happy with. But, we took a real serious right hand and never recovered.”Kevin Knox scored 27 points and Mario Hezonja had 23 for the Knicks, who lost for the 10th time in 11 games in the opener of a six-game homestand that keeps them home into early next month.The Knicks played without starters Dennis Smith Jr. (back) and Noah Vonleh (right ankle) along with a couple backcourt reserves.ADVERTISEMENTlast_img read more

Little Big Town To Be Honored At GRAMMYs On The Hill Awards

first_imgOn April 18, the Recording Academy will celebrate 20 years of advocacy in Washington, D.C., by honoring Karen Fairchild, Kimberly Schlapman, Phillip Sweet, and Jimi Westbrook of three-time GRAMMY winners Little Big Town at the annual GRAMMYs on the Hill Awards.Little Big Town’s contributions to the music industry align with some of the Recording Academy’s key advocacy and organizational causes, including advocating for music education and supporting MusiCares, a charity founded by the Academy that provides a safety net of support for the music community. The evening will also feature a performance by the band.Uniting the worlds of music and politics, GRAMMYs on the Hill also recognizes legislators who have improved the environment for music by advocating for music creators’ rights. The 2018 congressional honorees are Rep. Judy Chu (D-Calif.), a long-time champion of music creators, and Rep. Doug Collins (R-Ga.), author of the songwriter-focused Music Modernization Act (H.R. 4706) and a senior member of the House Judiciary Committee. Chu and Collins also both serve as co-chairs of the Congressional Creative Rights Caucus.“Little Big Town’s advocacy efforts, coupled with the legislative momentum on Capitol Hill to protect creators, further the Academy’s vision of a brighter future for music — something the Recording Academy has been championing since its inception, and made an even greater commitment to when it established its D.C. offices in 1998,” said Recording Academy President/CEO Neil Portnow. “We also are privileged to recognize the significant contributions of Reps. Chu and Collins, who have long supported the creative community’s right to be fairly compensated and to have meaningful copyright protections, advocating for the current comprehensive legislation, and supporting our continuing campaign for a terrestrial performance right.”“We’re honored to stand alongside the Academy and Reps. Chu and Collins in speaking out and protecting an industry that has done so much for us,” said Sweet.“Music is healing and powerful, and music education gives our children an outlet for expression that is absolutely necessary for their overall growth and well-being,” continued Fairchild. “We will continue to do our part to protect music education, songwriters, recordings, and the artists who bring them to life.”Don Henley, Jennifer Hudson, Alicia Keys, John Mayer, Keith Urban, and Zac Brown Band are all past honorees at the GRAMMYs on the Hill Awards. Previous GRAMMYs on the Hill congressional honorees include former Vice President Joe Biden; Sens. Hillary Clinton (D-N.Y.), Susan Collins (R-Maine), Orrin Hatch (R-Utah), Ted Kennedy (D-Mass.), John McCain (R-Ariz.), and Tom Udall (D-N.M.); and House Leaders Kevin McCarthy (R-Calif.) and Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.).The awards dinner and show will take place at the Hamilton Live in Washington, D.C., and will feature unique live performances and musical surprises. The GRAMMYs on the Hill Awards are sponsored by music rights organization SESAC Inc.The following day, April 19, the Recording Academy will host the annual GRAMMYs on the Hill Advocacy Day, Capitol Hill’s largest and most prestigious legislative event for music creators. This year’s Advocacy Day will feature current and past GRAMMY winners and nominees, along with other esteemed industry leaders from across the country visiting with lawmakers to discuss important issues facing today’s music creators.Key issues that will be discussed with members of Congress as a part of the Academy’s Advocacy Day include the need for comprehensive music legislation that benefits all creators — performers, songwriters, producers, and engineers — and brings copyright law into the 21st century. This would include recognizing producers as part of copyright law, setting market-based rate standards for songwriters and performers, and closing the pre-1972 loophole to ensure all artists are paid what they deserve, no matter when their music was created. The Recording Academy has worked tirelessly to gain support for comprehensive music copyright reform within the music industry and among legislators, testifying before the House Judiciary Committee in 2014 and calling for a music omnibus bill. The Academy is pleased that the House Judiciary Committee plans to markup a comprehensive bill the week preceding the event.For more information about GRAMMYs on the Hill and to stay up-to-date on the latest Recording Academy advocacy efforts, visit read more

Ed Sheerans GRAMMY Duet With Elton John GRAMMYs Greatest Stories

first_img The Story Of Ed Sheeran’s First GRAMMY Performance The pop singer/songwriter fondly recalls his first-ever GRAMMY performance, with a hand from his mentor; tune in to “GRAMMYs Greatest Stories” Nov. 24 at 9 p.m. on CBS.Brian HaackGRAMMYs Nov 22, 2017 – 9:00 am Ed Sheeran’s three trips to the GRAMMY stage as a performer have each been especially memorable in their own ways. He’s sung a duet with Elton John, run a victory lap with his smash-hit “Thinking Out Loud” and, most recently, given a rousing one-man band performance of “Shape Of You.” Elton John On His GRAMMY Moment With Lady Gaga NETWORK ERRORCannot Contact ServerRELOAD YOUR SCREEN OR TRY SELECTING A DIFFERENT VIDEO Nov 22, 2017 – 9:00 am The Story Of Ed Sheeran’s First GRAMMY Performance Remember When Beyoncé Performed With Prince? Remember When Beyoncé Performed With Prince? Blake Shelton: Highwayman At The GRAMMYs Blake Shelton: Highwayman At The GRAMMYs Elton John On His GRAMMY Moment With Lady Gaga The former, Sheeran’s first appearance as a performer at the 55th GRAMMY Awards in 2013, came by way of a special request from his mentor John, who envisioned a special duet of Sheeran’s Song Of The Year-nominated “The A Team.””I help manage him, and I believe so much in this guy,” John recalls telling the showrunners of Sheeran’s talent. “[I said,] ‘He’s gonna be a huge star. What if I do a duet with ‘The A Team’? … And that’s how we got Ed onto the GRAMMYs.” Justin Timberlake’s GRAMMY Moment With Al Green Ed Sheeran’s GRAMMY Duet With Elton John: “GRAMMYs Greatest Stories” Facebook Prev Next Justin Timberlake’s GRAMMY Moment With Al Green Christina Aguilera On “GRAMMYs Greatest Stories” Twitter The Story Of Ed Sheeran’s First GRAMMY Performance Bruno Mars Recalls Prince GRAMMY Tribute Watch Sheeran and other artists discuss the most memorable performances in GRAMMY history on the TV special “GRAMMYs Greatest Stories: A 60th Anniversary Special,” airing Friday, Nov. 24 from 9–11 p.m. ET/PT on CBS.”GRAMMYs Greatest Stories”: Christina Aguilera’s Intimate “Beautiful” PerformanceRead more Christina Aguilera On “GRAMMYs Greatest Stories” Bruno Mars Recalls Prince GRAMMY Tribute Remember When Beyoncé Performed With Prince? Justin Timberlake’s GRAMMY Moment With Al Green News Bruno Mars Recalls Prince GRAMMY Tribute Elton John On His GRAMMY Moment With Lady Gaga Ed Sheeran: GRAMMYs Greatest Stories ed-sheerans-grammy-duet-elton-john-grammys-greatest-stories Blake Shelton: Highwayman At The GRAMMYs Email The Story Of Ed Sheeran’s First GRAMMY Performance More “GRAMMYs Greatest Stories” Christina Aguilera On “GRAMMYs Greatest Stories”last_img read more

Bhavaya Chawla – The MultiTasker Who Is Rising High With His Brand

first_imgLucky are those who are blessed with good looks and even have a good physique. Bhavaya Chawla is one such exception who is an entrepreneur, a model and a public figure. He is the founder of ‘BUILT NATURAL’, a bold performance sportswear brand, made with eco-friendly technologies to make you the better version of yourself. He is a firm believer of building body naturally rather than preferring shortcuts.With having a wide presence on the social media, Bhavaya has also been featured on many news channels and newspapers. He has also been collaborating with many YouTube channels in order to make people aware about natural fitness rather than the use of steroids. Moreover, he is completely against the use of steroids in bodybuilding.Apart from being in the sports and fitness industry, the young entrepreneur is also flying high in the modelling world. He has closely been working with many brands like Coke, Nokia, Shivan & Narresh Swimwear and has also done photo shoots for them. Not only this, Bhavaya had also set the ramp on fire when he walked at the Wills Fashion Week, India.His professional side does not end here. He is also the director of JaiRaj Group of Industries which holds the expertise in manufacturing automotive components & plastic products since the last 33years. Being a fitness blogger always felt like a sense of responsibility to him and today he is inspiring thousands of people with fitness as his main force. When asked about his brand, ‘Built Natural’, he said that he has a lot of plans for it to take it across the globe and will let everyone know in the coming days.IBT does not endorse any of the above content.last_img read more