New analysis finds link between vaping and cannabis use in teens young

first_imgMONTREAL — Teens and young adults who use electronic cigarettes are significantly more likely to use cannabis as well, according to a new study co-authored by a Canadian researcher.Pediatrician Nicholas Chadi’s analysis of previous research, published in JAMA Pediatrics, found that the likelihood of marijuana use was three to four times higher among youth who vaped.One of the key findings showed the risk for younger adolescents aged 12 to 17 was higher than for young adults aged 18 to 24 years.“It’s an important discovery for us,” said Chadi, who is now based at Montreal’s Ste-Justine Hospital but conducted the research during a previous posting in Boston.“The risk is higher for both sub-groups, but it’s almost twice as high for the younger ones.”The study, titled “Association between electronic cigarette use and marijuana use among adolescents and young adults,” analyzed 21 previous academic papers encompassing some 130,000 participants. Chadi worked on the project while he was a pediatric addiction fellow at Boston Children’s Hospital and Harvard Medical School.The results of the study are in line with current medical knowledge that shows young brains are less developed and more susceptible to substance use and addiction, Chadi said in an interview.Both nicotine and cannabis affect the neural pathways associated with pleasure and reward. Chadi said both substances could make the brain more sensitive to other psychoactive subtances and addictive behaviours during adulthood.“The younger we are, the more the brain is susceptible to becoming addicted to substances, therefore the risk of consuming nicotine or vaping is even higher for younger teenagers,” he said.He said the analysis doesn’t go so far as to conclude that vaping leads directly to cannabis use, but it contributes to a growing body of work that appears to suggest a link.“We can’t prove a link of causality,” he said. But with a large number of studies pointing in the same direction, “we have a good reason to think that exposure to vaping is part of the cause of initiation to marijuana.”The strongest link was found in younger subjects who combined vaping with tobacco or alcohol consumption. It’s not impossible that these youth are simply more susceptible to substance consumption, Chadi said, although the studies tried to limit certain factors, such as addiction or mental illness.A previous analysis published in 2012 found a link between tobacco use in youth and current or future marijuana use.“Currently, the rates of vaping is exploding among youth, both in Canada and the United States, it’s something happening around the planet,” Chadi said. “The perception of risk concerning electronic cigarettes isn’t there.”Studies like this show that the nicotine used in e-cigarettes is just as dangerous, if not more, than the nicotine in traditional cigarettes when it comes to young teens, he said.“It’s very important from a public health point of view, because it reinforces the message that e-cigarettes are not at all a tool to promote teen health, and on the contrary, it can increase the problems of dependence and addiction among those youth,” he said.Vaping is often falsely perceived as a banal and risk-free activity. However, other studies have shown that vaping as a teen increases the risk of smoking traditional cigarettes, Chadi said.“We now realize that the vast majority of teens who vape probably have never touched a traditional cigarette or other drugs,” he said. “These devices are so addictive and well-made for youth that the youth fall into the trap; they develop a dependence and go find other sources of nicotine and other drugs.”Both nicotine and cannabis create dependence, but the association between them makes it even harder for youth to give up one or the other.“We enter a type of spiral where the perception of risk is very low, it tastes like candy or jujubes, and we realize a few years later that we can’t stop,” Chadi said.“A dependence on electronic cigarettes isn’t funny. It can really take over their school activities or their hobbies, because they have to vape every half-hour or hour, and it becomes very incapacitating.”Jean-Benoit Legault, The Canadian Presslast_img read more


first_imgAdvertisement Elly Mayday SASKATCHEWAN-BORN MODEL ASHLEY LUTHER, BETTER KNOWN AS ELLY MAYDAY, DEAD AT 30Ashley Luther, the Saskatchewan-born woman who gained fame as Elly Mayday — a fierce model who embraced her curves — died Friday in Vancouver. She was 30.Luther, who grew up on a farm near Aylesbury, Sask., had been dealing with ovarian cancer and related health complications for five years.Luther was diagnosed with a rare form of ovarian cancer called low grade serous carcinoma at 25. READ MOREELLY MAYDAY, BODY-POSITIVE MODEL AND ADVOCATE, DIES FROM OVARIAN CANCER AT 30“One Hell Ova Woman” reads an embroidery Elly Mayday was gifted last summer.In an Instagram post, the body-positive model said: “This is one of my favorite gifts I’ve received. This little tag line came to me one day and I liked the way it felt. I wanted to create a hashtag that said a bit more than “warrior” or survivor, to be honest I’ve never identified with either words.“#One Hell Ova Woman” is the woman who doesn’t back down. The one who faces obstacles with grace and strength. The “Ova” spelling is a nod towards my girls fighting this disease. (I wish there was another word rather than fighting) but it’s not just about cancer. It’s just about her. You.” READ MORE Login/Register With: Facebook CANADIAN MODEL AND ACTIVIST DIES AT 30 FROM OVARIAN CANCERSaskatchewan-born model and body positivity activist has died at 30 from ovarian cancer on Friday.Ashley Luther, professionally known as Elly Mayday, moved to British Columbia to pursue her modelling career where she would often work with local Forever Yours Lingerie.Luther documented her five-year struggle with ovarian cancer and her struggle as a plus-size model. READ MOREcenter_img LEAVE A REPLY Cancel replyLog in to leave a comment Advertisement Advertisement Twitterlast_img read more

Scandalplagued EPA Administrator Pruitt resigns

first_imgWASHINGTON – Environmental Protection Agency Administrator Scott Pruitt resigned Thursday amid ethics investigations of outsized security spending, first-class flights and a sweetheart condo lease.With Pruitt’s departure, President Donald Trump loses an administrator many conservatives regarded as one of the more effective members of his Cabinet. But Pruitt had also been dogged for months by scandals that spawned more than a dozen federal and congressional investigations.White House Chief of Staff John Kelly and other officials pushed Pruitt to tender his resignation Thursday amid the mounting scandals, according to a senior administration official not authorized to discuss the situation publicly. Talking to reporters on Air Force One, Trump continued to praise his scandal-plagued EPA chief, saying there was “no final straw” and he had not asked for Pruitt’s resignation.“Scott is a terrific guy,” Trump said. “He came to me and said I have such great confidence in the administration I don’t want to be a distraction. … He’ll go and do great things and have a wonderful life, I hope.”In his resignation letter to Trump, obtained by The Associated Press, Pruitt expressed no regrets.“It is extremely difficult for me to cease serving you in this role first because I count it a blessing to be serving you in any capacity, but also, because of the transformative work that is occurring,” Pruitt wrote. “However, the unrelenting attacks on me personally, my family, are unprecedented and have taken a sizable toll on all of us.”Pruitt, a Republican, had appeared Wednesday at a White House picnic for Independence Day, wearing a red-checked shirt and loafers with gold trim. Trump gave him and other officials a brief shout-out, offering no sign of any immediate change in his job.EPA Deputy Administrator Andrew Wheeler, a former coal industry lobbyist, will take the helm as acting administrator starting Monday.“I have no doubt that Andy will continue on with our great and lasting EPA agenda,” Trump tweeted Thursday.Pruitt’s resignation came days after two of his closest advisers spoke to House oversight committee investigators and revealed new, embarrassing details in ethics scandals involving Pruitt.Samantha Dravis, who recently resigned as Pruitt’s policy chief, told investigators last week that Pruitt had made clear to her before and after he became EPA administrator that he would like the attorney general’s job, held then and now by Jeff Sessions.Pruitt “had hinted at that (sic) some sort of conversation had taken place between he and the president,” Dravis told congressional investigators, according to a transcript obtained Thursday by the AP. “That was the position he was originally interested in.”A former Oklahoma attorney general close to the oil and gas industry, Pruitt had filed more than a dozen lawsuits against the agency he was picked to lead. Arriving in Washington, he worked relentlessly to dismantle Obama-era environmental regulations that aimed to reduce toxic pollution and planet-warming carbon emissions.During his one-year tenure, Pruitt crisscrossed the country at taxpayer expense to speak with industry groups and hobnob with GOP donors, but he showed little interest in listening to advocates he derided as “the environmental left.” Those groups quickly applauded his departure.“Despite his brief tenure, Pruitt was the worst EPA chief in history,” said Kieran Suckling, executive director of the Center for Biological Diversity. “His corruption was his downfall, but his pro-polluter policies will have our kids breathing dirtier air long after his many scandals are forgotten.”Like Trump, Pruitt voiced skepticism about mainstream climate science and was a fierce critic of the Paris climate agreement. The president cheered his EPA chief’s moves to boost fossil fuel production and roll back regulations opposed by corporate interests.But despite boasts of slashing red tape and promoting job creation, Pruitt had a mixed record of producing real-world results. Many of the EPA regulations Pruitt scraped or delayed had not yet taken effect, and the tens of thousands of lost coal mining jobs the president pledged to bring back never materialized.Pruitt was forced out following a series of revelations involving pricey trips with first-class airline seats and unusual security spending, including a $43,000 soundproof booth for making private phone calls. He also demanded 24-hour-a-day protection from armed officers, resulting in a swollen 20-member security detail that blew through overtime budgets and racked up expenses of more than $3 million.Pruitt routinely ordered his EPA staff to do personal chores for him, including picking up his dry cleaning and trying to obtain a used Trump hotel mattress for his apartment. He had also enlisted his staff to contact conservative groups and companies to find a lucrative job for his unemployed wife, including emails seeking a Chick-fil-A franchise from a senior executive at the fast-food chain.Pruitt’s job had been in jeopardy since the end of March, when ABC News first reported that he leased a Capitol Hill condo last year for just $50 a night. It was co-owned by the wife of a veteran fossil fuels lobbyist whose firm had sought regulatory rollbacks from EPA.Both Pruitt and the lobbyist, Steven Hart, denied he had conducted any recent business with EPA. But Hart was later forced to admit he had met with Pruitt at EPA headquarters last summer after his firm, Williams & Jensen, revealed he had lobbied the agency on a required federal disclosure form.Pruitt also publicly denied any knowledge of massive raises awarded to two close aides he had brought with him to EPA from Oklahoma. Documents later showed Pruitt’s chief of staff had signed off on the pay hikes, indicating he had the administrator’s consent.The slew of damaging revelations, many of which came to light through media reports and public records lawsuits filed by environmental groups, triggered more than a dozen investigations related to Pruitt’s conduct by EPA’s Office of Inspector General, the House Oversight Committee and other federal watchdogs.It was not immediately clear how Pruitt’s resignation might affect those ongoing probes. No longer a federal employee, Pruitt can’t be compelled to speak or otherwise co-operate with the inspector general’s investigation. As a private citizen, he could still be subpoenaed to testify before Congress, but Republican-led committees have thus far shown little appetite in forcing him to do so.Jennifer Kaplan, a spokeswoman for EPA Inspector General Arthur Elkins, said Thursday that the office was “assessing and evaluating” its ongoing audits and investigations in the wake of Pruitt’s departure.Sen. John Barrasso, the Republican chairman of the Senate Committee on Environment and Public Works and until Thursday a strong defender of Pruitt, said Trump made the right decision to accept the resignation.“It has become increasingly challenging for the EPA to carry out its mission with the administrator under investigation,” said Barrasso, who is from Wyoming.Pruitt is the latest Trump Cabinet official to lose his job over ethics issues. Veterans Affairs Secretary David Shulkin was fired in March amid questionable travel charges and a growing rebellion in his agency about the privatization of medical care. Health and Human Services Secretary Tom Price was fired last year after it was disclosed he took costly charter flights instead of commercial planes.“Mr. Pruitt’s brazen abuse of his position for his own personal gain has been absolutely astounding, rivaled only by the silence of far too many in Congress and in the White House who allowed Mr. Pruitt’s unethical, and, at times, possibly illegal behaviour to go unchecked,” said Democratic Sen. Tom Carper of Delaware, long a vocal critic of Pruitt’s.___Follow Associated Press investigative reporter Michael Biesecker at read more

Casablanca Among Worlds Major Growing Financial Centres Business Insider

Rabat – Morocco’s economic hub Casablanca is among the 10 cities that are rapidly becoming major financial centres, according to Business Insider on Friday. The American news website ranked Casablanca, Morocco’s largest city, among the cities in the developing world that “are giving international investors access to some of the world’s fast-growing financial markets.”According to the same source, “Casablanca has moved up by 20 places in the ranks since it entered the index in 2014, and it improved by more than any hub in the Middle East and North Africa.” The 2015 Global Financial Cities Index ranked Casablanca in the 42nd position as one of the best performing financial centers in the world, up by 9 points from last year’s 51st position.“Riyadh and Casablanca showed the biggest gains in this competitive region,” says the GFCI report, a ranking of competitiveness published by the Z/Yen Group.Some of the fastest-growing cities are in East Asia, the Middle East, and Africa, according to Business Insider. The ten cities are: Riyadh (Saudi Arabia), Istanbul (Turkey), Johannesburg (South Africa), Seoul (South Korea), Casablanca (Morocco), Panama, Doha (Qatar), Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia), Bangkok (Thailand), and Almaty (Kazakhstan).© Morocco World News. All Rights Reserved. This material may not be published, rewritten or redistributed without permission read more

Morocco to Expand English Language in Moroccan Schools

By Soumaya El FilaliRabat – Minister of Education and Vocational Training in Morocco, Rachid Belmokhtar, declared in a speech on Monday during the tenth session of the Assembly for “Azziman Council,” that the Ministry has taken serious procedures to expand and improve the use of the English language among students in the Moroccan Kingdom.During the speech, Belmokhtar revealed that, in response and accordance with the reform project called for by King Mohammed VI, the Ministry of Education has adopted new approaches and methods to expand the teaching of the English language in Morocco. The aim of this initiative is to improve the level of pupils in the country’s newly adopted second foreign language of English.Belmokhtar continued saying, “We’ve tried to encourage the creation of English clubs in all high-schools to encourage students to be able to speak it,” adding that this step has achieved great success, as reflected in the students’ performance in the language.The Minister also proudly pointed out the “good” level of English exhibited by students who participated during COP22 in Marrakech.The critical success of the expansion and improvement of the use of the English language in the country is indisputable as Morocco has recently ranked first in the MENA region for English proficiency, even managing to outrank countries that list English as their official second language.The growth of the English language cannot be attributed to the Ministry’s initiatives alone, as Moroccans themselves have shown great interest in learning what is now considered most influential language in the world, knowing that it can open doors to new experiences and better job opportunities. read more

Sri Lankan man deported from Japan files lawsuit

The man entered Japan in July 2005 and he subsequently submitted an application to be recognized as a refugee with the Nagoya Regional Immigration Bureau. After the application was rejected, the man filed an appeal. However, he received a notice on Dec. 17, 2014, informing him the appeal had also been turned down.The man had been consulting lawyers about filing another lawsuit to overturn the rejection of the refugee application as the law allows one to be filed within six months of an appeal being denied.However, immigration officials refused the man’s request to contact his lawyers and promptly deported him after the notice was issued to him. A Sri Lankan man deported from Japan has accused immigration officials of lying and denying him a chance to contest the rejection of his refugee application in court, The Asahi Shimbun reported today.The man in his 30s filed a lawsuit at Nagoya District Court on August 2. He is seeking 3.3 million yen ($32,000) in compensation from the central Government. The man’s Japanese wife also attended the news conference.“I want him to return to Japan,” said the woman in her 30s. “That is the strongest emotion I now have.” At a news conference in Japan, one of the lawyers said: “Immigration officials deported him after giving him a false explanation that he would be able to take judicial action even after he was deported.” According to his lawyers, the man was a supporter of an opposition party in his native Sri Lanka and had received threats from people connected with the ruling party that left him fearing for his life, especially after an acquaintance was shot. An official with the Justice Ministry’s immigration bureau said, “We cannot comment because we have not seen the lawsuit.” (Colombo Gazette) read more

A huge milestone for River Cafe

by Cindy White Posted Jan 11, 2016 12:50 pm MDT A huge milestone for River Cafe AddThis Sharing ButtonsShare to TwitterTwitterShare to FacebookFacebookShare to RedditRedditShare to 電子郵件Email They’ve made it through freezing summer days with sideways rain, and the flood of 2013.Now a Calgary dining institution is marking a major milestone.Founder Sal Howell told 660 NEWS, this year is River Cafe’s 25th anniversary.“In 1991 we took over what was an existing concession space in Prince’s Island Park,” said Howell. They operated the open air eatery for four more years, before getting the city’s approval to rebuild it to what you see today.One of the biggest challenges was when flood waters rushed in two and a half years ago. “We were able to rebuild,” said Howell. “And we did that very quickly. We had a tremendous amount of help, so much love and support from everyone around us.” So they’re saying thank you Calgary. “We are looking to create 25 points in the year to celebrate.” River Cafe is also being recognized for leading the charge on sustainability in the restaurant sector, winning the 2015 Earth Day Hometown Hero Small Business award. read more

Syria UNICEF helps open schools for children UNArab League official holds meetings

Addressing a media briefing in Geneva, a UNICEF spokesperson, Marixie Mercado, reported that according to Syrian Government estimates some 2,072 schools – out of 22,000 across the country – have been damaged or destroyed, and over 600 are occupied by displaced persons. She also noted that UNICEF had completed repairs in 64 schools in Deraa, Rural Damascus and Lattakia, while another 100 schools would be rehabilitated within the coming days and weeks. The Syrian Government was also moving internally displaced persons (IDPs) out of some schools and into alternative sites, such as unused public buildings, in order to prepare for the school year which is set to commence on 16 September, Ms. Mercado said, adding that it was “extremely important” that children returned to school as a way of providing stability and respite from the conflict. More than 18,000 people, mostly civilians, have died since the uprising against President Bashar al-Assad began some 18 months ago. Amidst reports of an escalation in violence in recent weeks in many towns and villages, as well as the country’s two biggest cities, Damascus and Aleppo, UN agencies now estimate that some 2.5 million Syrians are in urgent need of humanitarian assistance. Syria’s neighbouring countries have also been affected by the crisis, as hundreds of thousands of refugees have spilled over the borders and into refugee camps in Jordan, Lebanon, and Turkey. Pointing to the situation in Jordan’s Za’atari refugee camp, where half of the estimated 28,000 refugees are children, Ms. Mercado said that UNICEF was busy registering those of school age while working to build an educational facility that could accommodate up to 5,000 pupils. In the interim, she continued, students were being taught in temporary learning spaces, including tents, as the school year in Jordan had already begun last week. In Lebanon, schools will accept an estimated 32,000 Syrian refugee children in the country’s public school system when classes begin on 24 September, though absorption capacity remains a concern. UNICEF will be providing those children with education kits, remedial education, recreational and psychosocial activities. At the same time, the UN agency was undertaking the construction of 10 temporary schools in the country’s Al Qaim refugee camp where 1,250 children are already being sheltered. Against that backdrop, a spokesperson for the new Joint Special Representative of the United Nations and the League of Arab States on the Syrian crisis, Lakhdar Brahimi, confirmed today that the UN-Arab League official met separately in the Syrian capital of Damascus with the Ambassador of Russia and the Charge d’Affaires of China, while Mr. Brahimi met with the Iranian Ambassador on Thursday. The spokesperson further noted that Mr. Brahimi was scheduled to meet with Syria’s President Bashar al-Assad on Saturday morning. read more

UNbacked website aims to aid greenminded governments

“The Green Growth Knowledge Platform provides a much needed tool to bridge knowledge gaps, exchange information and deliver policy guidance to accelerate and support the transition towards green economic development,” said Achim Steiner, Executive Director of the UN Environment Programme (UNEP).“A transformation towards a green economy is not just about the environment. It must be a priority across all facets of the post-2015 development agenda in order to deliver growth and prosperity and improved livelihoods,” he added, stressing the need for “a holistic and far-sighted approach.”The website features a searchable e-library with over 600 technical and policy resources, as well as dashboards with data and policies for 193 countries.It is part of the Geneva-based Green Growth Knowledge Platform (GGKP) founded in 2012 by UNEP, the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD), the World Bank and the Global Green Growth Institute.Based on the idea that green growth knowledge and suitable policies could be shared and applied by different countries, the platform collects and processes theoretical knowledge and practical experience and makes it available to interested countries interested in implementing green economic policies.As of this month, the GGKP confirms agreements with 29 knowledge partners, including international organizations, research institutes and think tanks. It will work with these partners to promote collaboration and coordinated research on a number of priority themes, including green growth indicators and measurement, trade and competitiveness and green technology and innovation, according to the news release.UNEP will host the GGKP’s next Annual Conference this September in its headquarters in Nairobi, Kenya. read more

Dinos quarterback Adam Sinagra named top football player in U Sports

QUEBEC — Calgary Dinos quarterback Adam Sinagra has captured the Hec Crighton Trophy as the most outstanding player in Canadian university football.The announcement was made Thursday night at the annual U Sports football awards.A fourth-year arts student from Pointe Claire, Que., Sinagra threw for a U Sports record 3,233 yards this year to lead the Dinos to an 8-0 record.Sinagra beat out fellow quarterbacks Hugo Richard of the Laval Rouge et Or and Tre Ford of the Waterloo Warriors as well as St. Francis Xavier X-Men receiver Kaion Julien-Grant for the top honour.The Western Mustangs, who face the host Rouge et Or in the Vanier Cup game on Saturday, had three individual winners. Linebacker Fraser Sopik took home the Presidents’ Trophy as stand-up defensive player of the year, defensive back Mackenzie Ferguson claimed the Russ Jackson Award for excellence in football, academics and citizenship and coach Greg Marshall copped the Frank Tindall Trophy as coach of the year.Other winners were Laval defensive end (J.P. Metras Trophy, top lineman), Calgary receiver Tyson Philpot (Peter Gorman Trophy, rookie of the year) and Concordia Stingers assistant coach Peter Regimbald (Gino Fracas Award, volunteer coach of the year).Laval led the way with eight players on the two all-Canadian teams.The Canadian Press read more

SaintsCowboys Preview Capsule

NEW ORLEANS (10-1) at DALLAS (6-5)Thursday, 8:20 p.m. ET, FoxOPENING LINE — Saints by 7RECORD VS. SPREAD — Saints 9-2, Cowboys 6-5SERIES RECORD — Cowboys lead 16-12LAST MEETING — Saints 26 beat Cowboys 20, OT, Oct. 4, 2015LAST WEEK — Saints beat Falcons 31-17; Cowboys beat Redskins 31-23AP PRO32 RANKING — Saints No. 1; Cowboys No. 12SAINTS OFFENSE — OVERALL (5), RUSH (6), PASS (6)SAINTS Defence — OVERALL (15), RUSH (1), PASS (30)COWBOYS OFFENSE — OVERALL (25), RUSH (5), PASS (28)COWBOYS Defence — OVERALL (8), RUSH (T4), PASS (12)STREAKS, STATS AND NOTES — Saints can clinch NFC South title with win and Carolina loss Sunday at Tampa Bay. … Cowboys trying to maintain at least tie for NFC East lead. … With win, Saints can perfectly match Cowboys from two years ago with 11 straight victories following season-opening loss. Dallas set franchise record with its run in 2016. New Orleans opened Super Bowl-winning 2009 season with 13 straight victories before home loss to Cowboys started three-game skid. … Saints have won nine of past 11 in series after losing 14 of first 17. … Saints lead NFL in points per game (37.2) and differential (plus-153). Cowboys fourth in points allowed (19.3). … Saints QB Drew Brees seeks fifth straight game with at least three touchdown passes and 110 passer rating. Brees leads NFL with 76.4 completion percentage, 127.3 rating. … RB Alvin Kamara is second in NFL with 15 scrimmage TDs. Since 2017, Kamara (28) and Mark Ingram (17) are only NFC pair with 15 or more scrimmage TDs. … WR Michael Thomas second in NFL with 86 catches, fourth with 1,080 yards receiving. … TE Dan Arnold, rookie WR Keith Kirkwood each had first career TD catch last week. … DE Cameron Jordan had two sacks last week, giving him team-leading eight. He’s key part of league’s No. 1 rushing defence trying to slow Dallas RB Ezekiel Elliott, who has three straight games with at least 120 yards rushing. … Cowboys QB Dak Prescott threw for season-high 289 yards last week. Prescott leads NFL QBs with seven games with at least two TDs passing, one TD rushing since entering league in 2016. He has rushing TD in career-best three straight games. … Elliott can tie career best with fourth straight 100-yard rushing game. He overtook Todd Gurley for NFL lead last week (1,074 yards rushing to 1,043) while Rams had bye. Elliott has 18 100-yard games since joining league in 2016; no other player has more than 12. He’s averaging 161 scrimmage yards with four TDs in past four games. … WRs Amari Cooper, Allen Hurns each had 100-yard game in only previous meeting with Saints with other teams. Cooper had six catches, 137 yards with Oakland in 2016, Hurns eight catches for 107 yards with Jacksonville in 2015. … Cooper’s 90-yard touchdown against Redskins tied for third-longest catch in club history. … DE DeMarcus Lawrence had first career interception last week. He has at least half-sack in three of past four games following three-game sackless streak. … LB Jaylon Smith needs five tackles for first 100-tackle season, according to coaches’ count. … Fantasy tip: Brees averaging 384 yards passing with 11 TDs, 1 INT in past four games against Cowboys.___More AP NFL: and Associated Press read more

Ohio State offense progressing behind young talent

OSU redshirt-freshman H-back Jalin Marshall (17) runs the ball toward the end zone during a game against Kent State on Sept. 13 at Ohio Stadium. OSU won, 66-0. Credit: Mark Batke / Photo editorWhen the Ohio State football team took the field over the weekend, just three of the offensive starters were regulars in the lineup last season.But despite playing with little experience under their belts, OSU’s offense still managed to put 66 points on the board. While that can partially be attributed to the team’s game plan and what coach Urban Meyer called an advantage in the column against Kent State, the impact of some young players with natural ability is undeniable three weeks into a new season.In the shutout win against the Golden Flashes, 23 different freshmen and redshirt-freshmen took the field, with six of those players contributing either yards or points on offense.Meyer said the plan going into the game was to get the ball in the hands of some of the young skill position players on offense to give fans a taste of what they might see going forward.“I’m really excited about our young skill, and I was hoping to try to get Buckeye Nation and the stadium to see some of those guys out in open space,” Meyer said.He went on to single out freshman running back Curtis Samuel, sophomore H-back Dontre Wilson and redshirt-freshman H-back Jalin Marshall as young players he’s “excited to get out in open space.”While Wilson played as a freshman in 2013 and scored three total touchdowns, Samuel and Marshall each found their way into the end zone for the first time in their collegiate careers against Kent State. Samuel led the team with 100 yards on the ground and pair of scores while Marshall caught a three-yard touchdown pass to go along with a 51-yard punt return.Marshall said despite some injury setbacks in his young career — which contributed to the decision to redshirt last season — the journey to being a contributor on the OSU offense was worth it.“This is a great university and crowd to play for,” Marshall said after the game. “I feel great being able to get in the end zone and help my team every week.”Samuel said the impact he and the freshman class have made so far this season doesn’t come as a surprise.“We’ve brought up a lot of good guys on the team, at practice everybody is competing,” Samuel said. “Young guys, we each try to go out there and just make plays wherever we can, and we’re doing it.”To get the ball in the hands of Samuel, Marshall, Wilson and others, the OSU offense has relied on the distribution skills of redshirt-freshman quarterback J.T. Barrett.Barrett, who was the third-string quarterback heading into the fall, has already showcased his talent three weeks into the season on his way to picking up three Big Ten weekly awards. He took over the starting job after senior Braxton Miller went down with an injury just days after Barrett had moved past redshirt-sophomore Cardale Jones on the depth chart.The Wichita Falls, Texas, native was named the Big Ten Freshman of the Week after OSU’s Aug. 30 win against Navy. He picked up that same award and the Big Ten Offensive Player of the Week honor after the win against Kent State.“I feel like I’m progressing each week,” Barrett said after leading OSU against the Golden Flashes. “I’m just trying to get better each week. I definitely feel more comfortable every week as I get more reps. Things are starting to slow down for me in the game.”Things slowed down just enough against Kent State for Barrett to leave his mark on the school’s record book. He tied former OSU quarterback Kenny Guiton for the school record with six touchdowns passes and threw for 312 yards in the win. The performance made him the first Buckeye signal caller to throw for 300 yards in a game since Troy Smith did so in 2006 — the same season he won the Heisman Trophy.Outside of Barrett, Samuel and Marshall, a trio of other freshman contributed to the offensive success OSU had against Kent State.Freshman wide receiver Johnnie Dixon made his debut for the Scarlet and Gray and carried the ball four times for 20 yards. Redshirt-freshman tight end Marcus Baugh hauled in the first pass of his career in the second quarter, which went for a two-yard touchdown. Along with Baugh, Samuel, Barrett and Marshall, freshman kicker Sean Nuernberger put points on the board with a 41-yard field goal to start the second quarter.OSU is scheduled to have a bye week before taking on Cincinnati on Sept. 27 at Ohio Stadium. Kickoff is set for 6 p.m. read more

Contre la noyade les fourmis de feu sassocient en radeau de sauvetage

first_imgContre la noyade, les fourmis de feu s’associent en radeau de sauvetage Des chercheurs américains se sont aperçus que face à une inondation, les fourmis de feu s’associaient entre elles pour former une sorte de radeau de sauvetage. Une structure solide, flottante et qui peut tenir plusieurs semaines.Un tas d’environ 500 fourmis rouges flottant à la surface de l’eau. Si l’on savait déjà que ces insectes étaient dotés d’une grande intelligence collective, l’image a ici de quoi impressionner. En effet, celle-ci révèle un mécanisme surprenant mais bien réel mis en place par une colonie face à une éventuelle inondation. Lorsqu’elles sont confrontées à un risque de noyade, ces fourmis piqueuses s’arrangent entre elles en une sorte de radeau de sauvetage qui leur permet de flotter tout en douceur sur l’eau. Un mécanisme dont les chercheurs de l’Institut de technologie de Georgie aux Etats-Unis ont révélé les mystères.Décrite dans la revue Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, l’étude s’est découpée en plusieurs expériences. Dans un premier temps, les scientifiques ont collecté des fourmis de feu et ont déposé quelques groupes dans de l’eau pour voir ce qu’il se passait. En moins de 2 minutes, les insectes se sont alors liés et ont formé une structure flottante qui a gardé à l’abri tous les individus du groupe sans exception. “Même lorsque les fourmis sont au fond du radeau, elles ne sont techniquement jamais submergées”, a expliqué Nathan J. Mlot, étudiant diplômé qui a participé à l’étude. Selon leurs résultats, les fourmis situées à la base seraient en fait capables de conserver grâce aux poils situés sur leur corps, une fine couche d’air qui leur permet de continuer à respirer.Pour tester la flottabilité du radeau, les scientifiques ont tenté de noyer la structure mais rien n’y a fait, celle-ci revient toujours à la surface. Une propriété due à la rapide réaction des insectes. Face à une telle perturbation, les fourmis contractent leurs muscles, ce qui rend le radeau moins “flottable” mais qui permet de piéger davantage d’air, empêchant la noyade. Individuellement, les petites bêtes semblent tout aussi “insubmersibles”. “Le seul moyen de garder une fourmi sous l’eau était de nouer un élastique autour de son corps et d’y attacher un poids”, a indiqué Nathan Mlot.”Comme une goutte d’huile à la surface de l’eau”À lire aussiIl laisse une fourmi coupe-feuille lui découper le doigtAprès avoir observé leur formation, les scientifiques ont gelé dans l’azote l’un de ces radeaux pour en étudier la structure. Au microscope, ils ont alors constaté que les insectes se liaient “corps à corps” les uns aux autres en saisissant la patte ou la mandibule de leurs voisins. Une affaire délicate qui leur permet néanmoins de former une sorte de “fluide”, un cinquième aussi dense que de l’eau mais d’une tension de surface 10 fois supérieure et d’une viscosité 10 millions de fois plus importante. “Vous pourriez prendre cette balle et cela aurait la même structure que du mastic mou. Vous pourriez la serrer, la lancer en l’air et les fourmis resteraient ensemble”, a précisé l’étudiant américain. Un mécanisme tout à fait surprenant qui a démontré son efficacité.Découvrez les impressionnants radeaux formés par les fourmis en images sur Maxisciences.Le 27 avril 2011 à 12:24 • Emmanuel Perrinlast_img read more

Nike Unveils Adonis Creed Collection Featuring Michael B Jordan

first_img Star Wars x Adidas Ultraboost Photos Have LeakedBest Sneakers of Summer 2019 Stay on target I don’t think there’s ever been a movie that so immediately made me start doing pushups as 2015’s Creed unless you include the trailer for Creed 2 as a movie. I’ve been doing so many pushups, probably at least 30, since that trailer dropped. And come this Thanksgiving I’m going to be doing even more (perhaps 35) because Creed 2 will finally hit theaters.The first film, part of the long-running Rocky series, featured a well-placed sponsorship from Nike and it looks like the collaboration is going strong in the franchise’s second installment. This week Nike announced a full collaborative line to be launched alongside the film. This is a little more unique than a traditional sneaker/apparel collaboration, though.Photo Credit: NikeWhat Nike is releasing isn’t Creed 2-branded gear, nor is it a signature sneaker for star Michael B. Jordan. No, the line — which is being put together by Nike Training — is the Adonis Creed line, a full lineup of signature gear made in tribute to the titular Adonis Creed. It’s effectively a signature clothing line for a fictional character, complete with a brand new Adonis Creed logo. Jordan even recorded a behind-the-scenes video surveying the line fully in character as Donny Creed, lending to the sort of contained fiction of the collaboration.The standout is easily the sneaker, the Nike Metcon Flyknit 3. Featuring the signature Adonis Creed branding, it’s a play on one of Nike’s standout workout shoes. This particular silhouette comes equipped with an extended ankle and removable branded strap. This provides extra support in the ankle, making the shoe far better equipped to handle a boxing workout.Photo Credit: NikeThere’s also some killer apparel, including branded tees, hoodies, and shorts. All feature immaculate, clean graphics and breathable material designed to stand up to even the hardest of workouts.Look, is a tee shirt that says CREED going to get you Killmonger-ripped? Probably not (that’d be cool though, right?). Still, I’ve personally found that good gear gets me in a good headspace to go to the gym. So whether it’s your first time ever, your first time in a while, or just your first workout of the week, check this line out. Nike’s workout gear is second to none, Adonis Creed is both a great character and a legit fit-spiration icon, and rocking his name on a hoodie or a new pair of kicks is sure to make you want to push a little bit harder in the weight room (or track or boxing ring, whatever your game is). Throw on the dope Meek Mill track from that training montage in the first movie and you’ll be good to go.Photo Credit: NikeLook for the Nike x Adonis Creed Collection to drop on Thursday, November 15, at select retailers and Creed 2, starring Michael B. Jordan, will hit theaters on November 21.More on Sneakers Your Favorite Superhero Would Wear10 Best Geeky Sneakers of 2018Vans Launches NASA ‘Space Voyager’ Collectionlast_img read more

Baird seeks answers for college challenges

first_imgo The high school graduation rate is 78.6 percent.o 63 percent of residents aged 17 to 44 do not have a post-high-school degree.o The unemployment rate is 7.8 percent higher for those who do not have at least one year of college.In Washington, too many high school students drop out. Too many college freshmen need remedial courses in math and English. Too many employers say college graduates aren’t prepared for the workforce.Meanwhile, the cost of college tuition continues to skyrocket, pricing students of modest means out of a college education.Former Congressman Brian Baird aims to find solutions to these educational dilemmas.“What can we do to maximize student achievement?” Baird asked the group of a dozen educators at a public forum at the Artillery Barracks at Fort Vancouver Historic Site on Monday.The question is foremost in his mind lately.He was in Vancouver on Monday as part of his statewide tour of eight cities to meet with local educators and the public to discuss these issues and to begin to find a solution.Baird chairs the Washington Student Achievement Council, a cabinet-level state agency formed in July. The council’s task is to develop a 10-year road map for higher education, including recommendations for initiatives and resources needed to increase educational attainment.The nine-member council includes five citizens, a current student and one representative from each of the state’s four major educational sectors: one from the four-year public universities, one from the public community and technical colleges, one from the not-for-profit independent colleges and universities and a representative from the Office of the Superintendent of Public Instruction. The student member, Lindsey Jahn, is a Columbia River High School graduate who attends Washington State University in Pullman. Council members are volunteers, not paid staff. Already Baird has spent almost 700 hours on this project.last_img read more

Iditarod Trail Begins To Soften Up Slows Down

first_imgMushers have been travelling this year’ Iditarod trail from Fairbanks with few complains, but after the left Tanana Wednesday, they found a slow, soft trail.“Mushers seem to like to complain when there is snow and then when there’s no snow,” Bethel musher Pete Kaiser said.Pete Kaiser in the 2015 Iditarod ceremonial start. (Photo by Josh Edge, APRN – Anchorage)He says the trail out of Tanana softened up considerably, which slowed down his team.“Yeah that’s not the type of trail you’d want to be going fast on,” Kaiser said. “I wouldn’t anyway, just because you’d be prone to injuring dogs if they wanted to go faster, so it’s kind of frustrating watching them go slow, but its’ hard work from them to get through that.”Jess Royer says she was also frustrated with a slow pace after her dog team left Tanana and dropped onto the Yukon River.“It’s like you’re running on sand. That’s why it’s so slow,” Royer said. “You have 16 dogs and they’re all working, but you don’t get any power there you know. Even if I walk up to do something with the team, every time you take a step, it’s like you slide back a step. It’s just real granular type of snow, I guess.”Mitch Seavey says drifting snow and soft trail were tough, but he says there hasn’t been the kid of drama he could “write stories about.”“Yeah it’s fine, I’d rather not have scares from the trail this year,” Seavey said.But a slower pace wasn’t factored into Norwegian Joar Ulsom’s race plan.“I would like to be moving faster,” he said. “Hopefully I’ll give them a good rest and in Galena we’ll get some that speed back if we are lucky.”Many mushers are starting to consider where they might take a 24 hour mandatory rest.Race officials expect to see most teams stop for the long rest at one of the next three or four checkpoints, before they leave the Yukon River for good.last_img read more

Scattered protests after Friday prayers

first_imgSrinagar: The situation in Kashmir’s main city and the rest of the Valley remained mostly peaceful on Friday except for scattered protests after the afternoon prayers, officials said as authorities imposed fresh restrictions to ward off trouble. About 300 people protested in Soura on the outskirts of Srinagar city after the Friday prayers. However, the crowds were dispersed with security forces making repeated announcements and a ‘mild lathi charge’, the officials said. Also Read – Shah urges women to shun plastic bags Advertise With Us Restrictions in several parts of Srinagar and other places in the Valley were reimposed after posters issued by separatists came up, calling on people to march to the local United Nations military observer group (UNMOGIP) office, they said. In the posters, the Joint Resistance Leadership (JLR) of the separatists asked people to march to the UNMOGIP office to voice their protest against the abrogation of Jammu and Kashmir’s special status. The separatists claimed the Centre’s move to scrap Article 370 is an attempt to change the demography of the state.last_img read more

Etihads Closer campaign includes TOMumbai flights from 1098

first_imgEtihad’s ‘Closer’ campaign includes TO-Mumbai flights from $1,098 Share Travelweek Group << Previous PostNext Post >> Wednesday, February 22, 2017 center_img ABU DHABI — Etihad Airways’ new ‘Closer’ campaign includes a slew of offers that connects Toronto to world-class destinations at lower cost.The sale applies to both Economy and Business Class guests who book flights between Feb. 22 and March 2 on 12 routes. Guests flying in Economy can travel between March 31-Dec. 10, while Business Class guests can travel between March 15-Dec. 10.With this offer, guests are now one stop away from ticking off adventures and attractions like the Taj Mahal off their bucket lists.Sale offers from Toronto include: Abu Dhabi ($5,940 Business); Ahmedabad ($1,216 Economy, $5,176 Business); Mumbai ($1,098 Economy); Hyderabad ($1,209 Economy); New Delhi ($1,056 Economy, $4,598 Business); Riyadh ($6,351 Business); Karachi ($1,267 Economy, $3,400 Business); Islamabad ($1,417 Economy); Jeddah ($1,235 Economy, $4,000 Business); Dhaka ($1,321 Economy); Lahore ($3,400 Business); and Singapore ($5,589 Business).All prices are based on a return flight and include applicable taxes and charges.On the importance of the Canadian market to the airline, Mohammad Al Bulooki, Executive Vice President Commercial, said: “Canada is a country of huge significance to Etihad Airways and we want to continue providing more of our world-leading products and services to this vital Canadian market in 2017.”More news:  Sunwing to further boost Mazatlán service with new flights from OttawaEtihad Airways currently operates three-times-weekly direct flights from Toronto to Abu Dhabi with a two-class Boeing 777-300ER aircraft. All flights to and from Toronto feature Etihad’s Flying Nannies service, which provides assistance to parents with children.Guests are advised to book early. For more go to Tags: Etihad Airways, Promotions Posted bylast_img read more

The next act what happens now in Greeces drama

first_img New Valley school lets students pick career-path academies FRANKFURT, Germany (AP) — Greece has entered the twilight zone.Out of money, cut off by its creditors, its banks shut, the struggling country will vote Sunday on whether to accept painful cutbacks in return for desperately needed financing.Between now and then Greece remains suspended between collapse and an uncertain rescue, between membership in the 19-member euro club and the possibility of a humiliating exit. Early signs of cataracts in your parents and how to help Here’s how to repair and patch damaged drywall Top Stories Comments   Share   Elderly people wait to receive their pension outside the National bank of Greece headquarters in Athens, Monday, June 29, 2015. Anxious Greek pensioners swarmed bank branches hoping to be able to receive their pensions Monday and others lined up at ATMs as they gradually began dispensing cash again on the first day of capital controls imposed in a dramatic twist in Greece’s five-year financial saga. (AP Photo/Petros Giannakouris) A look at what’s ahead:___Q: What is the next deadline for Greece?A: On Tuesday, the main part of Greece’s bailout deal expires. With no agreement to release the last 7.2 billion euros ($8.1 billion) from that deal, Greece is on its own.An EU official said that after the deal expires, it would take weeks for creditors – other eurozone states and the International Monetary Fund – to put a new agreement on track.Tuesday is also the day Greece has to pay a debt of about 1.5 billion euros ($1.7 billion) to the IMF. If Greece doesn’t pay, it will take a while for the IMF to actually declare Greece in default. Credit ratings agencies say arrears to the IMF will not immediately trigger a default crediting rating for Greece.But the IMF won’t give Greece more money unless the arrears are taken care of. That puts Greece in the same bin with fragile, war-torn developing countries in Africa and Latin America.___Q: And after Tuesday?A: Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras has called a referendum for Sunday. Greeks will be asked to vote if they support a bailout deal that creditors have proposed that involves budget cutbacks and tax increases in exchange for the remaining loans in the country’s rescue program. Tsipras is urging people to vote “no.”The catch, however, is that by the time of the vote, Greece’s bailout program would have run out. So the Greeks would be voting on an offer that has technically expired.Jean-Claude Juncker, president of the EU Commission, has urged Greeks to vote “yes” to a deal, no matter how it is worded.A “no” vote could mean euro exit is closer for Greece, as the country would have no outside financial aid.Some think a “yes” could restart talks. Joerg Kraemer, chief economist at Commerzbank, says that “should the electorate vote in favor of a compromise, the eurozone members will not be able to ignore that and will resume negotiations.”A “yes” vote, however, could lead to the collapse of the Greek government, as it is unclear it would be able or willing to implement a deal with creditors that it had so vehemently resisted.___Q: Is a deal to save Greece still possible?A: Technically, yes. EU economic official Pierre Moscovici said Monday that a deal was “a few centimeters” away.EU officials and creditors indicate they are still willing to strike a deal. Tsipras, however, has dismissed all their proposals so far as insufficient.center_img ___Q: Will Greece leave the eurozone?A: Many see Greece’s decision to close the banks as a step closer to leaving the euro.The banks’ trouble is a bad sign, because the Greek government would need billions of euros if it has to rescue them without outside support. Until Sunday, the ECB had been keeping the banks afloat by increasing emergency credit as deposits fled.A modern economy needs functioning banks. For Greece that would mean printing a new currency and using it to refloat the banking system.Greece is also having serious trouble paying its day-to-day bills for salaries and pension.If it starts issuing scrip – official IOUs for payment later – that could be the first step in introducing a new currency.___Q: If Greece leaves the euro, will the shared currency fall apart?A: Many economists say no.Since its troubles over high government debt started in 2009 – in Greece – the eurozone has built anti-crisis measures. Those include a pot of money to rescue troubled governments and an offer by the ECB to buy the bonds of governments facing market pressure. The ECB’s current 1.1 trillion euro bond-buying monetary stimulus program has further insulated markets from panic. The ECB says it will take additional steps if necessary to keep Greece’s troubles from spreading. Mesa family survives lightning strike to home How men can have a healthy 2019 Sponsored Stories Ex-FBI agent details raid on Phoenix body donation facility In the longer term, however, some experts think a Greek departure sets a bad precedent. Investors might think other countries could leave, and would require higher interest to lend those countries money. That would hurt the countries financially, in the longer term, and market pressure could conceivable force them out too if they run into trouble.___Q: Will a Greek exit from the euro hurt my investments, as the Lehman Brothers collapse did in 2008?A: Stock were down globally on Monday, though there was no outright panic.U.S. Treasury Secretary Jacob Lew says no one really knows what the fallout would be from Greek exit. Which is why he thinks it should be avoided.Demetrios Efstathiou, economist with ICBC Standard Bank, says it would not be comparable to 2008.“The collapse of Lehman Brothers came as a shock to the markets,” Efstathiou said. “In contrast, Greece’s dire financial position has been discussed to exhaustion, for many years now, and its bonds have been trading at distressed levels for many months.”Take your pick.Copyright © The Associated Press. All rights reserved. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed. The difference between men and women when it comes to painlast_img read more

LenderLive Announces Aligned Business Divisions Leadership Changes

first_img in Headlines, News LenderLive Announces Aligned Business Divisions & Leadership Changes LenderLive mortgage Servicing 2016-06-03 Staff Writer Domestic-based mortgage services provider, LenderLive, recently announced a new organizational structure that aligns its various business divisions under two broad units—mortgage and services—as well as corresponding leadership changes.The two new units are LenderLive Network, LLC (fulfillment, lending, and servicing) and LenderLive Services, LLC (settlement services and LenderLive Document Services, which now includes GuardianDocs and Walz Group). Both report up to the existing holding company, LenderLive Holdings, Inc.The company also announced that:• Rod Walz, President and Founder of WALZ, is now Vice Chairman of LenderLive Holdings. In this new role, he will be a strategic advisor to CEO Rick Seehausen and the executive team, as well as to the newly combined LenderLive Document Services.• Dave Vida, President of Mortgage Services, now serves as President of LenderLive Network.• Pete Pannes, the company’s Chief Revenue Officer, has been named President of the new LenderLive Services, LLC.• Joe Mowery, General Manager of Settlement Services, now reports to Pannes.• Jonathan Kunkle, General Manager of LenderLive Document Services now reports to Pannes.• Maria Moskver, who was General Counsel and Chief Compliance Officer of WALZ, is now the company’s General Counsel and Enterprise Compliance Officer for LenderLive Holdings.“Basically, our businesses fall into one of two categories: regulated, as is the case with our mortgage services, and unregulated component services, such as our title, origination and servicing documents offerings,” Seehausen said. “Our new structure will make it easier for us to work with our regulators, accelerate the expansion of our title operations, and allow us to take advantage of synergies among our document and settlement services businesses. While a number of our executives have new leadership roles, they have all been instrumental in building LenderLive and are the right team to take us to the next level.”center_img June 3, 2016 505 Views Sharelast_img read more