The Trump administration moved forward on Wednesda

first_imgThe Trump administration moved forward on Wednesday with its plan to lower prescription drug prices by requiring drugmakers to display the list price “in a legible textual statement at the end of the advertisement.”Secretary of Health and Human Services Alex Azar said today that when it comes to changing prescription drug prices, “putting prices in TV ads may be the most significant single step any administration has ever taken.” But patient advocates are not convinced it will have an immediate impact on drug pricing. The rule would apply to prescriptions that cost more than $35 per month or courses of treatment, which are covered by Medicare. The rule is very specific, requiring that the price be displayed, “for sufficient duration and in a size and style of font that allows the information to be read easily.” Industry groups have fought this move since it was announced in October. They adopted voluntary rules, that would have directed ad viewers to a website with more detailed cost information. Today, in a statement, the Pharmaceutical Research and Manufacturers of America (PhRMA) wrote that the list price is confusing since that’s not what most people pay. The rule addresses that by requiring an additional statement that reads, “If you have health insurance that covers drugs, your cost may be different.” PhRMA also said that the rule raises “First Amendment and statutory concerns.”Court challenges may be coming. The legal authority given by the White House is based on the laws that require Medicare and Medicaid to be run in a cost-effective manner, according to the rule. Rachel Sachs, an associate professor of law at Washington University in St. Louis and an expert in drug-pricing regulation, told NPR and Kaiser Health News in October that could be a weak legal argument since most drugs are marketed to the broader public, not just Medicare and Medicaid beneficiaries.Consumer and patient advocates generally hailed the move as a step towards greater price transparency, but questioned whether it would do much to lower high prices. “We don’t believe that disclosing list prices will shame drug corporations into lowering list prices,” says Ben Wakana, executive director of Patients for Affordable Drug Prices. “Drug companies have been shamed about their price increases for years. They appear to be completely comfortable with the shame as long as it is bringing them in the billions of dollars a year that they make from their outrageous prices.”He gives the government credit for trying to do something on health prices, noting “taking action on this issue is hard.” But he thinks some of the administration’s other ideas to lower prices — announced in a plan released last May — might have a bigger impact.Critics have pointed out the government’s plan for enforcing the rule is weak, as NPR reported last fall. The plan for enforcement involves competitors policing each other by bringing legal action against competitors who aren’t compliant, Azar said in Wednesday’s press briefing. He calls it “a quite effective mechanism of enforcement.” Azar defended the government’s authority to issue the new rule. “This is not without precedent,” he told reporters. “We have for over 50 years required that car manufacturers and car dealers post the sticker price of cars on the windows of their cars and be transparent about — even though there are negotiations and everything else — because it’s a starting point that’s an important part of consumer fairness.”The car-buying analogy doesn’t work very well for drugs, notes Adrienne Faerber, a lecturer at the Dartmouth Institute for Health Policy and Clinical Practice. “When you go to the car dealer and you see that sticker price and you can negotiate a better price that can fit your budget directly with the car dealership,” she explains. But, she says, drug prices are negotiated through layers of middlemen: “So you don’t get to negotiate based on these prices like you would with a car.”In other words, car shoppers have a lot more choices that sick patients do, and a lot more bargaining power. Faerber says certainly displaying the list price won’t “magically flip a switch and cut a percentage or two off of the total drug costs.” But she says it will be interesting to see how patients react to high list prices on their TV screens. “Consumers are going to start wondering what are people getting for that money,” she says. Copyright 2019 NPR. To see more, visit read more

Last updated on July 2nd 2019 at 0921 pmPaasche

first_imgLast updated on July 2nd, 2019 at 09:21 pmPaasche Airbrush will move from Chicago to this building at 9511 58th Place in Kenosha.Paasche Airbrush Co. is leasing more than 42,000 square feet from Zilber Property Group at 9511 58th Place in the Business Park of Kenosha to relocate its operations from Chicago to Wisconsin.A family-owned company founded in 1904, Paasche Airbrush manufactures artist airbrushes, industrial spray guns and spray booths. Vallie Pettersen, Paasche Airbrush president, said the company is best known for its artist airbrush used for everything from model railroads to applying makeup or temporary tattoos and car detailing.Pettersen said much of the company’s manufacturing is now automated with the advancement of CNC machining. Paasche Airbrush does have around 30 employees and hopes to retain as many as possible with the move, but Pettersen added the company will also look to hire new employees. “We’re excited to make the move and plan to be there by the end of the year,” she said.Higher taxes and “crazy politics” prompted the decision to make the move, Pettersen said. She added her two sons, who run the day-to-day operation, went to college in Wisconsin and the family also has a home on Washington Island, so they already have a connection to the state.Paasche Airbrush owns its current facility 4311 N. Normandy Ave. in Chicago, but Pettersen said it is larger than what the company needs. Leasing the new facility in Kenosha, which the company hasn’t previous done, will provide additional flexibility in the future, she said.The company is not receiving state tax incentives to make the move. Mark Maley, a spokesman for the Wisconsin Economic Development Corp., said the agency did have conversations with the company but a deal never materialized.Brett Kroner and Keith Puritz of Cushman & Wakefield represented Paasche Airbrush Company in the lease transaction. Zilber Property Group was represented by Michael Kleber, its director of industrial leasing, and Sergio Chapa and Mike Prost of Newmark Knight Frank. Get our email updatesBizTimes DailyManufacturing WeeklyNonprofit WeeklyReal Estate WeeklySaturday Top 10Wisconsin Morning Headlines Subscribelast_img read more

The HopLast updated on June 27th 2019 at 0354 pm

first_imgThe HopLast updated on June 27th, 2019 at 03:54 pmTotal ridership on the downtown Milwaukee streetcar system decreased by 35 percent from December to January, a dip city officials attribute to the extreme weather.The city also said a software glitch in the Hop’s passenger counter system has made February ridership data unavailable.The streetcar system provided a total of 49,501 rides in January (an average of 1,597 per day), down from about 72,000 rides in both November and December, its first two months of service. The combined totals from the Hop’s first three months average to daily ridership of 2,105.The city said industry trends indicate streetcar ridership often dips during colder months and peaks in the summer.Malfunctions of the streetcar system’s automatic passenger counter system has resulted in “large blocks of missing data” from February and early March, the city said. Each of the system’s five streetcars has sensors located above the doors that track riders. Data from January was recovered.“Ridership totals provide benchmarks for us to track the system’s growth and key insights into how and when people ride that will allow us to refine the level of service we provide,” a city statement said“Our priority now is to ensure the APC is functioning as designed so that we can continue compiling accurate data moving forward,” the statement added.Before the streetcar began service, city officials estimated the initial route would provide 1,850 rides per day. Rides on The Hop are free during the first year of service, as a result of a $10 million, 12-year sponsorship by Potawatomi Hotel & Casino.The city is planning to extend the streetcar system to the Wisconsin Center prior to the start of the 2020 Democratic National Convention next July, Ald. Robert Bauman recently told BizTimes. The city has plans to extend the streetcar system up to the Fiserv Forum and eventually into the Bronzeville district. Get our email updatesBizTimes DailyManufacturing WeeklyNonprofit WeeklyReal Estate WeeklySaturday Top 10Wisconsin Morning Headlines Subscribelast_img read more

Google News has becomes the 21st century Walter Cr

first_imgGoogle News has becomes the 21st century Walter Cronkite. A recent report shows that people find more credibility with Google News and other search engines, than actual news publications and sites.[RELATED: 4 Ways Search Engines Help Small Businesses]63% of more than 33,000 surveyed responded that search engines were the most reliable source of news and information. The second more trusted was news from traditional media (newspapers and magazines), at 58%. Online media is the third most trusted news source, next is owned media, and last is social media.Trust of media increased overall, worldwide. The biggest increase of people trusting media was in the United States, up 16 points from last year’s survey. People in Canada, the U.K. and Hong Kong also trust the media more than last year.Search engines such as Google News don’t create original news pieces, however. They aggregate news from online sources. Google News gathers online news and information from over 4500 sources from all over the globe.The survey results are part of the 2016 Edelman Trust Barometer from research firm Edelman Berland. From the firm’s press release the profiles of those surveyed consisted of “1,150 general population respondents age 18 and over, 500 informed public respondents in the U.S. and China, and 200 informed public respondents in all other countries representing 15% of the total population across 28 countries. All informed publics met the following criteria: ages 25-64, college-educated; household income in the top 25% for their age in their country; report significant media consumption and engagement in business news and public policy.”The full report is available in Edelman Berland’s site. be_ixf; php_sdk; php_sdk_1.4.18 read more

UPF Ethiopia Simon Amare ILI in partnership with

first_imgUPF Ethiopia, Simon Amare: ILI in partnership with GREENWICH University invited UPF-ETHIOPIA as well as participants from various sectors to join the 7th Joint International conference on WOMEN’S ROLE IN THE SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT OF AFRICA.UPF-ETHIOPIA Leaders and 4 peace ambassadors took part in the 7th Joint International conference on WOMEN’S ROLE on November 27th, 2015. The conference was held in the new Headquarters building of the AFRICAN UNION.Ms. BETHELHEM TAYE, director of Research, Publication & Quality Assurance office in the INTERNATIONAL LEADERSHIP INSTITUTE knowing well the statement of UPF on the role of women invited UPF to be part of the conference. Ms. BETHELHEM is, actually, a committed Ambassador for PEACE of UPF. And, this is not the first time she is requesting UPF-Ethiopia to be part of conferences of higher level. In fact, she already arranged lectures in our offices in the past, notably on UN Intl women’s Day.Once again, Ms. BETHELHEM with her colleague FREWOYNE FITSUM (MARKETING OFFICER in ILI) took the responsibility to fully organize this conference on the role of women.The program started with the opening speech of Prof. BADEG BEKELE, president of INTERNATIONAL LEADERSHIP INSTITUTE. Here are some of his remarks:“This year’s conference, which is the seventh of its kind, is especially dedicated to Women’s role in the sustainable development of AFRICA. One of ILI’s main goals is to aggressively work towards the improvement of the Leadership role and status of women in ETHIOPIA as well as AFRICA and as a testimony, ILI intentionally has an increasing chart of number of its female students and/or Graduates in its Masters’ level programs over the past few years who have already assumed potential leadership positions in different sectors of the society.A woman is a mother, a sister and a daughter. Empowering her means empowering all the three and our family as a whole so let we be all wise enough to stand by her side and support. Thank you.”After the 2nd intervention of Dr. Tesfamariam Mehari, representative of GREENWICH UNIVERSITY, Dr. TEWABECH Bishaw addressed her keynote speech as guest of honor. A key phrase summarizing her speech is there can be no development without involving women for they are part of the society and they play a big role in it.At the 4th plan, Mrs. MULU SOLOMON, guest of honor of ILI, who is also Peace Ambassador, delivered her so inspiring and moving keynote address.Mrs. MULU mentioned women in Africa are submissive to cultures and religious traditions that deprive them from their rights to have their proper position in the society. That is the reason why they cannot participate in development unfortunately. On the contrary, they are marginalized, mistreated and even beaten.Mrs. MULU also added we are living a new era wherein women should have their due places. They should have equal value with men and instead empower them, for women have the potential and capabilities to change our society for the better.Furthermore, Mrs. MULU attracted the attention of participants on one point; we all are the same and equal, and as so, we should unite to create one big human family. All conflicts and problems arise from divisions and discriminations. For Mrs. MULU SOLOMON, the remedy to the problems of our world is equality and unity.Participants were so moved by her words that Mrs. MULU was so applaused and congratulated.Her excellency, Mrs. TADELECH HAILE MICHAEL, former Minister of women and youth and also representing UPF-ETHIOPIA as being appointed as an AFP in PARIS, had the opportunity to present briefly her viewpoint and comment in this conference.Mrs. TADELECH mentioned: Women, especially in ETHIOPIA and also AFRICA, lack of commitment to change their status. The key word for change to come is commitment. We do not see commitment from women; first because they are not given this opportunity but also most of women are fatalistic to accept their conditions. Committed women should inspire others to change.Mrs. TADELECH noticed there is also a lack of information coming not only to women but to all of us. The information should reach all of us, particularly women so we can be aware of all the changes and happenings in this world today.This is what motived Mrs. TADELECH to write some books on women’s status and role, for them to be inspired and change.As from our side of UPF, the secretary general intervened by affirming that besides of all mobilizations done in the society, it is crucial to work on the Family entity wherein we acquire good habits and character. The family being the all start of everything. It is in the family that we learn and respect our sisters and siblings.As an overall, different researches from Ethiopian universities have presented their studies on women’s case and conditions in our society today. We could get of a lot of knowledge and information from their educative presentations.Some photos below illustrating the conference:To conclude, we’d like to thank Ms. BETHELHEM TAYE for inviting and associating UPF in the fight for empowering women. We’d like to recall that one of UPF missions is give women their right position for UPF founders believe this era is the era of WOMEN. TODAY, Mrs. HAK JAH HAN MOON and Mrs. SUN JIN MOON are leading all of our organizations in our movement devotedly for the sake of a better world wherein all human being with no discrimination at all be living happily and equally.last_img read more

Which is More Dangerous MMA or Football

first_img Which is More Dangerous – MMA or Football? ProMax 440 BJJ GI Gloves Lights. Out. Sale Timeline of Israel Adesanya’s Rapid Rise to UFC Contender Accessories More From Standard BJJ Gi Fight Motion! Watch Holloway, Cyborg Do Work Via Ghost Cam Apparel There’s UFC Heavyweights, And Then There’s Shaq Greatest Highlights of Anderson Silva’s Career Top Contenders for Fight of the Year Photo by Esther Lin for ShoSportscenter_img Gordon Ryan Competition Kit King Ryan Longsleeve Shirt Standard Ranked Rashguard Latest From Our Partners Good Night Tee Nightmare Matchup for UFC’s Biggest Stars Amanda Nunes’ Biggest Threat? Oh, what might have been.Even if it would have been a case of “better late than never,” a potential fight between Pride FC legend Fedor Emelianenko and former Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) Heavyweight Champion Brock Lesnar would have been fun to watch. White has admitted that he tried to make it happen back when the “Last Emperor” was widely regarded as the best fighter in mixed martial arts (MMA) ever, but the “crazy Russians” refused his “insane offer.”And when he proactively resurrected the idea seemingly out of the blue just a few months ago, it appeared that he was fishing for justification to give it one last shot even though both had retired from the sport.Based on his comments during his recent MetroPCS online chat with fans, White seems to have indeed done just that, revealing that he has had recent discussions with Emelianenko (or at least someone close to his inner circle), who once again rebuffed White’s advance. He didn’t go into much detail, but did say that he made the effort and Fedor is (still) disinterested in fighting under the UFC umbrella.Don’t expect that to change anytime soon, either: Fedor was able to salvage what was left of his MMA career, capping it off on a three-fight win streak after losing a trio of bouts that sent his stock, and possibly his legacy, crashing through the floor. He doesn’t appear to be the money-hungry type to come out of retirement just so White can tell everyone, “I told you so.”Sadly, it was never possible.As for Lesnar, White simply confirmed what we already knew, which is that he is content to make sporadic, mute appearances as a WWE heel and laugh his way all the way to the barn.Oh, what might have been. Midnight Mania! Trump Family In The ‘Chaos’ Corner? Latest From MMA Warehouse Bizzy Was Sneaking Needles Into The Toilet For GSP Fight More: Brock Lesnar’s WWE Future After UFC Retirement Lockdown duffle baglast_img read more

Latest From MMA Warehouse

first_img Latest From MMA Warehouse More From Bellator 198: Fedor vs. Mir full fight week coverage, results, play-by-play, analysis, highlights, more Mir on loss to Fedor: ‘I let my ego dictate how I fought’ Standard Ranked Rashguard Sale View all 19 stories Timeline of Israel Adesanya’s Rapid Rise to UFC Contender Great to see Fedor back with a good win! @BellatorMMA— Douglas Lima (@PhenomLima) April 29, 2018 0 expressions given . FEDOR — Derek Brunson (@DerekBrunson) April 29, 2018 ProMax 440 BJJ GI Fedor. Oh boy. #bellator— Jon Fitch (@jonfitchdotnet) April 29, 2018 UFC 240: Fights to make Fuckin Fedor!! huge ko victory! Dude is a Legend! Ultimate dad bod badass! — BRYAN BARBERENA (@bryan_barberena) April 29, 2018 Let’s go!! @thefrankmir— James Vick (@JamesVickMMA) April 29, 2018 Latest From Our Partners Brock Lesnar’s WWE Future After UFC Retirement In this Storystream Bellator 198 results and video: Fedor quickly stops Mir More: King Ryan Longsleeve Shirt .@thefrankmir and #Fedor @spike. The term LEGEND is thrown out a lot. Tonight we have TWO LEGENDS doing battle in the cage.— Ian McCall (@Unclecreepymma) April 29, 2018 When’s the last time fedor done that @BellatorMMA #Bellator198 nice to see him get another ko— Steven Siler (@Stevesiler) April 29, 2018 UFC on ESPN: Covington vs. Lawler fight card Nightmare Matchup for UFC’s Biggest Stars The last emperor is back. Congrats Fedor! @BellatorMMA #bellator— Roan Jucao (@jucao) April 29, 2018 I wanna grow old like Fedor. 41 years old and still knocking people out! #bellator198— Patricky Freire (@PatrickyPitbull) April 29, 2018 — James Vick (@JamesVickMMA) April 29, 2018center_img Lockdown duffle bag Top Contenders for Fight of the Year Good Night Tee Y’all slept on the goat.. Fedor!!!— Katlyn Chookagian (@blondefighter) April 29, 2018 White on Nunes-Cris rematch: ‘That’s the fight I want to make’ Gordon Ryan Competition Kit That was awesome. #bellator198— Scott Holtzman (@HotSauceHoltzy) April 29, 2018 Robert Whittaker hails ‘Wonderboy’ the best ‘outside fighter’ in MMA Standard BJJ Gi Dave Mandel-USA TODAY Sports Which is More Dangerous – MMA or Football? They said what?! Pros react to Fedor’s KO of Mir Frank Mir is just 38?— Daniel Cormier (@dc_mma) April 29, 2018 White: McGregor didn’t like my comments about Masvidal being ‘too big’ for him Apparel Great finish Fedor.#bellator198 #bellatormma— KEN SHAMROCK (@ShamrockKen) April 29, 2018 Gloves Conor lashes out at Herb Dean, says Khabib was ‘riddled in panic’ during bus attack Fedor Emelianenko was knocked down early into his fight against Frank Mir at Bellator 198, but was able to turn things around quickly and score a KO victory moments later in the night’s main event. On Twitter, pro fighters celebrated Fedor’s 48-second win, which sees him advance to the heavyweight Grand Prix semifinals against Chael Sonnen. IIIIIIITTTTTTTSSSSS TIIIIIME! #mir and #fedor is now! @BellatorMMA— Sam Alvey (@smilensam) April 29, 2018 And just like that Fedor is back #bellator— Jared Gordon (@JFlashGordonMMA) April 29, 2018 Bloody Elbow Ayeeeee! Fedor!— David Rickels (@TheCaveman316) April 29, 2018 Accessories Legggo FEDOR— David Rickels (@TheCaveman316) April 29, 2018 Greatest Highlights of Anderson Silva’s Careerlast_img read more

On the Market A Breezy Cambridge Duplex

first_imgFor Sale/Rent On the Market: A Breezy Cambridge Duplex With a lofted study overlooking the living spaces below. Sign up for Home & Property newsletters. Design, real estate, and pretty things for living.* By Madeline Bilis· 1/18/2018, 10:14 a.m. Printcenter_img Sign up for our weekly home and property newsletter, featuring homes for sale, neighborhood happenings, and more. 000 Photo by David Ward278 Huron Avenue #2, CambridgePrice: $1,435,000Size: 2,128 square feetBedrooms: 3Baths: 3Soaring cathedral ceilings, exposed beams, and an abundance of windows make this Huron Village duplex feel light and breezy. This is especially true in the lofted study, which overlooks the living spaces below.The home’s main living and dining areas boast maple floors, recessed lighting, a gas fireplace, and built-in bookcases. Two bedrooms and bathrooms are located on the main level as well, and above, a master suite comes complete with skylight windows, custom closets, a tiled bathroom with a double vanity, a spa tub, and a walk-in shower. The unit also offers with a front balcony, a rear patio, and two off-street parking spaces—you’ll just have to figure out who can call dibs on the garage spot.For information, contact Robin Kelly, Coldwell Banker Residential Brokerage, by David WardPhoto by David WardPhoto by David WardPhoto by David WardPhoto by David WardPhoto by David WardPhoto by David WardPhoto by David WardPhoto by David WardPhoto by David WardPhoto by David WardPhoto by David WardPhoto by David WardPhoto by David WardPhoto by David WardPhoto by David WardPhoto by David WardPhoto by David WardThe Boston Home team has curated a list of the best home design and home remodeling professionals in Boston, including architects, builders, kitchen and bath experts, lighting designers, and more. Get the help you need with FindIt/Boston’s guide to home renovation pros.last_img read more

Photos ClairObscur Fashion Show with December Thieves

first_imgParty Pics Photos: Clair-Obscur Fashion Show with December Thieves Check out scenes from the April 5, 2019, event at the French Cultural Center. By Julia Kacmarek· 4/10/2019, 4:41 p.m. Get a compelling long read and must-have lifestyle tips in your inbox every Sunday morning — great with coffee! Printcenter_img Sign up for Weekender. Arts, events, pop culture, and more.* 000 On April 5, 2019, the prestigious French Cultural Center in Back Bay partnered with the iconic December Thieves of Beacon Hill to offer Bostonians a truly global fashion experience.The show blended pieces from seven designers, including Boston’s Christian Restrepo and Toronto’s Nuit Atelier, who launched their spring collections in person.“Our goal was to offer the audience an authentic, immersive fashion experience, as if they were attending a show in Paris,” said Adrien Argentero, Cultural Programs Manager of the French Cultural Center and co-organizer of the event. “Being able to showcase our curated collections and beloved designers, giving our clientele a spectacular show is at the core of our mission,” said Lana Barakat, owner of December Thieves and co-organizer of the event.The one hundred guests were greeted with wines from Provence, courtesy of Provence Wine Imports, and gourmet hors d’oeuvres crafted by Colette, a French restaurant in Cambridge. The experience was completed with a live violinist interpreting modern classics.Photography by Zachary LanoueSigilo, Christian RestrepoSigilo, Christian RestrepoDamon Bassford, Christian Restrepo and Erin RobertsonErin Robertson and Christian RestrepoDecember Thieves curated lookNuit Atelier, Anastasia IkonnikovaJoel Benjamin, Lana Barakat and Robert CaseyNuit Atelier, Anastasia IkonnikovaAnastasia Ikonnikova, Lana Barakat and Adrien ArgenteroNuit Atelier, Anastasia Ikonnikova lineuplast_img read more